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As we saw last night on Raw, Bobby Lashley has turned heel.  Lashley attacked Kevin Owens and went to work on his knee. This was done to give Owens some time off as well as flip Bobby from a face to a heel. Its unknown at this time if Owens' knee is a lingering injury or just an angle.  However, when Owens "quit" a few weeks ago he was suppose to take time off and was brought back to help Bobby turn heel. We are being told KO will be taking a little time to rest up, but it's unknown at this time if he needs a doctor or just some time to heal. As for Lashley, WWE officials knew they had to do something because of the apathetic reactions he was getting from the crowd.  They're going all in on Lashley by giving him a mouthpiece AND flipping him heel.  WWE is determined to get Lashley a reaction from fans. 

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