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Vickie Guerrero After WWE, HIAC Theme Song, AJ 100%, Smackdown Lightly Attended

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- We noted last week that Vickie Guerrero passed her college entrance exams and planned to pursue a degree in medical administration. The degree is for 18 months and she starts school on October 28, 2013.

- The official theme song for WWE Hell in a Cell 2013 is "Out of Time" by Stone Temple Pilots with Chester Bennington.

- AJ Lee will work this week's Smackdown taping, so she's clearly 100% from her concussion after being medically cleared on Monday afternoon.

- Speaking of this week's Smackdown, former WNW co-owner Ryan Gray is in attendance but he's one of the few. To say the attendance is sparse at the Sprint Center in Kansas City, MO would be understating it. I'll post some photos shortly. Our live coverage is currently ongoing in the live center.

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