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Vince McMahon Apologizes For Releasing CM Punk On Wedding Day

Steve Austin asked Vince McMahon about CM Punk during the interview that aired on the WWE Network after this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw.

Below is an excerpt from our coverage by Sean Hopkins:

Austin asks if Vince would like to talk about Punk. Vince says he’d like to apologize. Sometimes talent relations don’t talk to legal, and he apologizes for Punk getting release papers on his wedding day. A lot of talents have been disgruntled, and he thinks Punk may regret what he said someday, but he hopes they’ll be able to get together again. Austin, Hogan, Warrior, and Vince all made up. Vince tries to take his ego and put it aside, and really think about what’s best for business. He’s hoping they’ll get back together. Austin asks if Vince listened to the podcast. Vince says he didn’t, and he doesn’t want to speak for Punk. Vince says there’s always two sides to every story.

Punk told his side of the story in regards to his WWE departure in a detailed podcast interview with Colt Cabana last week. We provided a detailed recap at this link.

You can read a complete recap of McMahon’s interview with Austin at this link.

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