Vince McMahon Biopic To Be Produced By TriStar

Vince McMahon

Yes, you read that correctly. After years of attempting to get the rights to Vince McMahon's life story, we are finally going to get a biopic on Vince McMahon, which will be produced by TriStar Pictures. This is a real honest-to-goodness film. Originally, it had been slated for last summer but the writers had not yet gotten the blessing from the WWE or Vince specifically, which of course is what they needed to legally make the film.

However, now it appears that they have the blessing from more than one interested party and are set to put this thing into production. Currently, Glenn Ficara and John Requa are in talks to direct the film (they previously directed hits like Crazy, Stupid, Love and I Love You Phillip Morris) while Craig A. Williams has written the script.

It probably didn't hurt matters that TriStar Pictures apparently went all-out in their pitch meeting, decorating their offices with WWE merchandise to impress the suits in order to gain their trust with this picture.

The film's working title? Pandemonium.

Discussion Question: What actor could possibly play Vince McMahon?

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