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Vince McMahon Bringing Back the XFL in 2020

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Vince McMahon announced yesterday that he is going to be giving the XFL another go in 2020. McMahon had given, his own profession football league, the XFL an attempt in 2001 and it was unsuccessful. It was announced that this time around the XFL won't use the tricks they tried last time in order to be successful. This time around it will be a straight forward football league.

The league will consist of eight 40-man teams. An interesting note is that the games, according to McMahon, will be 2 hours from start to finish ideally. It will be 10-week seasons starting in January. It's interesting to note that McMahon has also stated that any player with a criminal background will not be allowed to enter his league, even down to a DUI. Nor, it seems, will players be allowed to "take personal stances on social issues" while on the field.

Vince also noted that he'll be the sole provider for funds for this league. Estimates are around 100 million dollars, approximately how much Vince made in profit from selling shares of WWE last month. Vince was quoted as saying that he wanted to be the sole person behind this. That it would either be his fault if it fails or the reason it succeeded.

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