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Vince McMahon Prefers To Stay Off TV?, Shane’s Return, Next Year Will Be A Bigger Wrestlemania

Vince McMahon

Brain Fritz conducted a rare interview with Vince McMahon after Tuesday’s press conference in Orlando to announce the city as the host for Wrestlemania 33. Below are the highlights:

Preferring to stay behind the scenes:

"I much prefer to produce and direct, much prefer that. This storyline allowed me that opportunity and sort of pushed me that way. I don't know how much you're going to see of me because I'd rather be producing and directing. Again, there are only so many bumps and so forth that anybody can take. I'm willing to take them obviously. I always said to talent that I would never ask you to do anything that I wouldn't do, which I've lived up to.”

Shane McMahon’s return:

"It's been awesome. I was hoping that one day we might get back together. It's difficult. Fathers and sons sometimes, in the same business at a certain stage, it can be very difficult. You love each other just as much but you see things a little differently. You have the old bull and the young bull and the old bull is not ready to give it up, his horns are still sharp. It's great that Shane is back. Whether or not there's a corporate place, we'll wait and see. From a performer standpoint, I so enjoy performing with him. And when the three of us are out there, Stephanie and Shane and me, and throw in Paul because that has happened in the past, oh my God! We could stay out there and entertain each other, much less the audience, for an hour. It would be easy. It's just so much fun because we can ad-lib and entertain ourselves. I think if you are entertaining yourselves and you're having fun, that projects and the audience is having fun with you.”

If it’s been more difficult putting a Wrestlemania card together this year with all the injuries [specifically mentioning John Cena, Randy Orton, Cesaro, Seth Rollins and the retirement of Daniel Bryan]:

"No doubt. Hopefully by the time we come to the Citrus Bowl, all of those guys will be healthy and it will be a bigger WrestleMania.”

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