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Vince McMahon Shoots, Wrestlemania 32 Build, Taking Sting From Obscurity

For those that missed our coverage earlier, WWE held a conference call on Monday to announce the WWE Networkhas 1.3 million paid subscribers.

Vince McMahon made a few notable comments in the call that I thought were worth pulling out and mentioning here.

  • First, when talking about WWE's expansion in China, Vince talked about people wanting to see their western talent and mentioned John Cena and Brock Lesnar by name. He said a Chinese talent would work if they made it. Vince said despite post-production, their audience can look at a talent on television and tell whether or not they are a star.
  • Vince admitted the build to Wrestlemania 31 was more last-minute and said they've done it both ways. Vince at least implied the build to Wrestlemania 32 began on Sunday night, with my initial assumption considering the angle between The Rock, Ronda Rousey and The Authority. I don't know what's planned but I know Rock has been talking with them about working the show next year. Vince reiterated to take some of the behavior on social media with several grains of sand (in regards to complaints).
  • Vince said WWE took Sting out of obscurity and made him an attraction. He said they're good at that and pointed to how they brought Sting in and made him one of the main events at their biggest show of the year.

We have a complete recap of Monday's conference call online at this link.

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