Vince McMahon - "Social Media Is Today's Word Of Mouth"


Veterans got the chance to ask Vince McMahon for business advice in The Corner Office segment on ACP AdvisorNet.

We’ll recap a couple questions and answers and send you with the link…

Question: In your opinion, was it more difficult making WWE a success in the beginning, or keeping it a success today?

Vince McMahon: Both are challenging. At WrestleMania 1, we mortgaged everything we owned, hoping it would be a success. It was a huge gamble that paid off. Today, the challenge is to stay relevant, take advantage of new technologies and continue to evolve. The one constant is to approach every day like it’s my first day on the job with fresh thinking and new ideas.

But to answer your question directly, it is extremely difficult to get to the top but even more difficult to stay there.

Question: I’m starting a skateboard company. What are the most effective and low-cost marketing tactics you use for WWE?

Vince McMahon: Social media is today’s “word of mouth” and an important part of WWE’s success. Social and digital media provides us with an opportunity to engage our fans one-on-one and have a direct conversation with them. These same tactics apply to small businesses as well.

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