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Wade Barrett Doesn't Blame Jack Swagger For Injury

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Wade Barrett suffered a serious shoulder injury while working with Jack Swagger at the June 24 Smackdown taping in Pittsburgh, PA. The injury caused Barrett to be pulled from the Money in the Bank Ladder Match and stripped of the Intercontinental Championship.

Barrett had surgery in July and wasn't given a timetable for his return.

This week, Barrett has been doing media for WWE in India. While there, he was asked if he blamed Swagger for his injury.

Below is his response:

Jack Swagger, he is a good guy himself. I don't really blame him for the injury, I've been asked that before. It is just one of those things. And, unfortunately, you can get two guys, very experienced, like Jack Swagger and myself, and sometimes things go wrong, and that's exactly what happened with regards to my injuries. I don't blame him, but if I do get a chance I'm gonna hit him right away, just to be on the safer side.

Click here for more comments by Barrett.

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