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Wade Barrett Shoots On WWE's ''Thoroughly Uninspiring' Storylines

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King Barrett

Wade Barrett opened up on his final years with WWE during an interview with Sports Illustrated.

The former leader of The Nexus was brutally honest, explaining that he was ‘obsessed’ with professional wrestling from a young age but in 2015 and again this year he was asked to play a character and perform storylines that he found thoroughly uninspiring.

Below is an excerpt:

“When you’re with WWE, you are operating within very fine boundaries that you cannot step outside of,” explained the 36-year-old Bennett. “Now I have offers for movie roles that are completely out of what you would expect for me, and that’s really exciting. The opportunity to go away from WWE and be myself and become Stu again is exactly what I needed.”

“I’ve had a lifelong passion, and really obsession, with professional wrestling since I was a very small kid,” said Bennett. “That passion never left me. I was always inspired to be involved and be part of good TV and do projects that would inspire me professionally. Unfortunately, in 2015 and again in 2016, I was asked to play a character and perform storylines that I found thoroughly uninspiring. After making repeated attempts to change my career trajectory and having those efforts turned down, my passion for playing the role of a WWE Superstar went away.”

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