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NXT Live Coverage: Wednesday Night Takeover


Tonight NXT brings Takeover to your home via cable television. We have Ciampa vs. Gargano with Killer Kross looming. Also the six woman ladder match to determine the number one contender to the Women's Championship now held by Charlotte Flair. So stay tuned to live coverage of the entire show!

We open up NXT with a video package showing the history of Ciampa and Gargano. After we get a graphic showing that two will face off tonight.

The Women's Ladder Match to determine the number one contender is the first match of the show. Kai gets the upper hand to begin the match was Green and Shirai get sent to the outside. LeRae and Yim stop Gonzalez before she's able to help get the ladder into the ring. All three baby faces then begin beating on Kai.

Robert Stone and Chelsea Green bring a table out from under the ring while Shirari grabs a ladder from under the ring. LeRae attempts to run up the ladder while she's setting up but is cut off by Shirai.

Back from commercial break we have Nox and Kai slugging it out in the ring. Nox gets the upperhand and sends Green into the barricade before setting up the ladder. She's cut off at the top of the ladder by Kai who is then sent to the mat by LeRae. Now Green and Kai take out both babyfaces and attempt to climb the ladder until Yim and Shirai stop them.

Green gets her knee smashed with a chair and Shirai then attempts to climb the ladder and gets it pushed over, she steps on the top rope and takes out the rest of the competitors in the match on the outside. 

We get back from commerical break and Gonzalez clims the ladder with Kai on her back until Yim cuts them off. Yim powerbombs Gonzalez through a table on the outside with help from Tegan Nox. Just after that Nox is driven through a ladder on the outside by Kai. 

This leads to Kai getting taken out by Shirai, Robert Stone helps Green up the ladder and is then pushed off by LeRae and Shirai. Shirai and LeRae end up at the top of the ladder and Shirai pushes LeRae off and onto a ladder. Shirai wins the match!

After the match we get a video package on Finn Balor and Walter. We get Finn Balor in a match on NXTUK and then we see Matt Riddle beat down from 2 weeks ago. 

Next we have a Killer Kross promo, the same promo from a few weeks ago during the Gargano and Ciampa segment.

The next match is Riku and Shuarau is taking on Ever Rise. Parker comes out quick but is cut off quickly by Riku. Parker tags out to Martel and then a double team move. Parker is back in quickly and cut off by a hard clothesline. Indus Sher continues to dominate the young team from Montreal cutting off the ring with lots of moves in the corner. Indus Sher gets the win after a back breaker, middle rope elbow drop.

We are at our main event with Gargano and Ciampa and we start with LeRae and Gargano pulling up to the empty buliding. HHH is sitting in teh ring with Ciampa and Gargano getting in the ring. HHH says the match starts and ends in the ring and drops a chair in the middle of the ring and leaves. They are filming this match with a more cinematic feel as the two trade offense back and forth.

We come back from commercial with Ciampa holding a chair and putting fists to Gargano on the mat. Gargano gains control and begins wrapping Ciampas leg around the ring post repeatedly. Now the action is outside with Gargano in charge. Ciampa regains control and lifts Gargano up for a suplex and smashes him into the ring post.

Ciampa gets thrown into some tables and random furniture and then gets smashed with a trash can. Gargano begins smashing a chair into every spot Ciampa has had surgery and then throws Ciampa into a chair placed in the turnbuckles. 

We come back from break with Gargano getting smashed in the head with a trashcan lid after a jump to the outside. Ciampa now takes his turn with the trash can lid beating Gargano now on the outside. He wraps Garganos neck in a chair and throws him into the ring post.  

CIampa begins taking the ring apart, taking the mat off the ring. He yells, if it has to end in the ring then he will finish it there. Gargano is down on the outside as Ciampa exposes the wood framing of the ring. Gargano goes to the outside of the building and Ciampa follows, Gargano pushes a production box into Ciampa. 

Ciampa climbs to the top of a production truck and tells Gargano to come get him. Ciampa and Gargano trade punches back and forth on top of the truck. Gargano locks in the GargaNO escape on top of the truck.  

We come back from commercial as Gargano re-enters the building and Ciampa comes chasing him. Gargano kicks him in the head and then elbows him through a table. Gargano and Ciampa are back in the ring with Ciamp on the top rope and Gargano going up for a superplex on exposed canvas. Ciampa reverses with elbows to the head and then Ciampa hits his finisher off the middle rope onto the outside!

We get our first pinfall almost 40 minutes into the match after the finisher to the ouside and Gargano kicks out at two. Ciampa brings a crutch into the ring however Gargano hits Ciampa with the trashcan lid in the knee. The two go back and forth with the crtuch and Drake gets knocked out the ring, Ciampa has the three count but there is no referee. 

Double crutch shot and now Candice LeRae has entered the empty arena. Both me are down and LeRae is sobbing at the two men brutalising each other. She kicks Gargano below the belt and Ciampa looks on shocked. Ciampa decides not to fight Gargano anymore and helps him stand up. He apologizes to Gargano and then LERae comes back and kicks Ciampa below the belt, it's revealed Gargano was wearing a cup. This was planned out the whole time, LeRae screwed Ciampa. Gargano gets the win over Ciampa with help from LeRae.

LeRae and Gargano leave the building proudly exclaiming how they have won. Kross and Bourdeux are sitting in the parking lot watching them get into their car. 

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