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Wednesday Night Wrestling Viewership (1/22/20)


Since 2020 began AEW has jumped out to a significant lead over NXT and hasn't looked back. Scoring over 900k viewers each week, while NXT has failed to break the 800k mark and struggled to gain back the momentum from the end of 2019. This week however many NXT faithful believed some ground could be gained due to AEW being pre-recorded so the excitement may be tempered as results would have leaked. While AEW did see a slide in the rankings and total viewership they were still able to keep NXT away. As you can see below AEW fell from a top 5 ranking last week to number 8 and logged 871k viewers. This is while NXT finished 35th in the key demo and logged 769k viewers.


AEW has solidified itself as a top ten show on cable in 2020 and will likely finish the first month of the year in that spot. While NXT still struggles to find a way to keep and maintain the key demographic they had while closing out last year. The difference in total viewership was a mere 100k viewers and NXT should be happy to have gained ground in that case. Right now NXT needs to find a way to grab the younger demo and retain them, while all AEW needs to do is continue doing what it's doing. As long as they are in the top 10 and within a rock throw of one million viewers at this point they should be celebrating. 

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