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Wednesday Wrestling Preview: AEW Unveils The Exalted One & NXT To Have No Live Matches?

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With the Coronavirus shutting down venues and advising against groups of 10 or more people to gather in the United States wrestling shows are having to pivot from the norm. The WWE has run three shows now from the Performance center and two without a crowd. Smackdown and Raw both relied heavily on prior footage and promos and the belief is to restrict touching between the Superstars. 

We now get to Wednesday, coming off a week where both shows took a bath in the ratings. Both shows finishing well below their 2020 averages, you have to wonder if either show will be tempted to run normal shows and not restrict contact between wrestlers. Let's take a look below at the previews for each shows and their viewership numbers for the year. It is worth noting that both Raw and Smackdown have done very well in viewership even with both shows having no audience and featuring taped matches that have already aired. 

AEW Dynamite

AEW Ratings:
1/1/20- 967,000 / .36
1/8/20- 947,000 / .36
1/15/20- 940,000 / .38
1/22/20- 871,000 / .35
1/29/20- 828,000 / .34
2/5/20- 928,000 / .36
2/12/20- 817,000 / .30
2/19/20- 893,000 / .31
2/26/20- 865,000 / .30
3/4/20- 906,000/.35
3/11/20- 766,000/ .26

Total Viewership Average For 2020: 884,272

Last weeks show was the worst viewed show of the year and ranked 25th in the key demo for the year which was also it's worst ranking of the year. Good news for the fans of AEW is this is a new week and we have a major payoff planned for the show. The Exalted One will finally be revealed this week on AEW Dynamite and rumors have been swirling of who it is. Matt Hardy continues to tease being the leader of the Dark Order and Evil Uno ran through a list of names yesterday that WASN'T the leader. I expect we may see the debut of a new wrestler in AEW and it's Wednesday so you know what that means. 

AEW will not be restricting contact as you can tell by the rest of their card, The Best Friends will take on Lucha Bros, Jurassic Express vs. Butcher and Blade, and a six man tag likely main event with Inner Circle and The Elite to determine the advantage for Blood and Guts next week. 


NXT Ratings:

1/1/20- 548,000 / .15
1/8/20- 721,000 / .19
1/15/20- 700,000 / .21
1/22/20- 769,000 / .24
1/29/20- 712,000 / .22
2/5/20- 770,000 / .22
2/12/20- 757,000 / .24
2/19/20- 794,000 / .25
2/26/20- 717,000 / .23
3/4/20- 718,000/ .23
3/11/20- 697,000/ .21

Total Average Viewers For 2020: 720,000

NXT seems to be taking a far differnt approach coming off their worst viewed show since a taped show on January 1st. It is worth mentioning that their key demographic number and total viewership number didn't drop drastically although their competition on Wednesday did. We have no official word on what the show may feature this week however it's been rumored that there will be NO live matches unlike AEW. This means WWE is  continuing to take precaution and restrict contact in the ring and instead featuring superstar showcases, promos and taped matches from before. 

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