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Wednesday Wrestling Viewership: Both Shows Fall

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AEW and NXT this week ran very similar shows to their normal. With the exception of NXT still running without a crowd and AEW having some of their wrestlers acting as the crowd. AEW which saw a 100,000 drop last week in viewers went back to a tactic they used two weeks ago that had them nearing one million viewers. 

The two shows featured quite a bit of wrestling content with NXT main eventing with a triple threat North American Championship Match, while AEW main evented with Cody and Allin losing to Guevara and Spears. The four of them will be on the left side of the TNT title Tournament bracket. 

This weeks ratings read as follows:

AEW: 685,000 (0.25, 37th) -- This is another decrease for AEW and another drop in the rankings. 
NXT: Not in the Top 50 -- 590,000 (.15) NXT continues to hover around the 600,00 mark and should see a boost next week with some mega matches on the card.


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