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Wednesday Wrestling Viewership Numbers: Did AEW Top One Million Viewers & Did NXT Lose Viewers This Week?


This weeks Wednesday Night Wrestling viewership numbers are in and both shows did about what they have done in 2020. AEW saw an increase of almost 5% and once again became a top 5 show. If AEW can continue these numbers and a top 5 ranking in the key demo the show is destined to see many years on television. 

AEW Dynamite- 906k viewers (up 4.7%) 0.35 rating, 5th place in demo 

As for NXT they saw a very slight increase and was still a top 20 show on cable for the night as you can see below.


- 718k viewers (up .14%) 0.23 rating, 20th place in demo

Neither show appears to be bringing in new viewers however they both seem to have a fairly loyal following. It's very interesting that AEW after a highly regarded PPV didn't turn out bigger numbers. Also NXT promoted two cage matches and saw a marginal increase. You have to wonder with the new signings for AEW and a potential superstar shakeup in the future if both shows can finally see some true growth for their viewershi

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