Wednesday Wrestling Preview (1/15/20)

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The beginning of 2020 has been good thus far to AEW, with the promotion almost seeing one million viewers each week. For NXT it has been a bit of a backslide, after beginning the year with an awards show. This week however both shows intend on delivering a high quality show, including AEW giving Dynamite a "pay per view feel" by naming it Bash at the Beach. Let's take a look at what both shows are promoting for this week as well as a look at the viewership numbers thus far this year.

AEW Dynamite

The tag team number one contender will be determined on this show with the Young Bucks, Page and Omega, PNP and The Best Friends in a fatal four way. Much like what NXT is doing on their show, AEW is flexing their depth of their tag division. This match should absolutely deliver and with the teams in the match could lead to a few different angles being presented just from this match.

Also announced for this show is Moxley vs. Guevara putting Sammy in his biggest spotlight yet, the return of Pac to television to take on Allin, a women's tag match stemming from last weeks events and Cody determines if he will accept MJF's stipulations. The show is loaded and most of the matches or segment's announced are continuing stories being told so far this year. I expect this show to put up a similar viewership number to prior weeks. 

Viewership prediction: 925,000

2020 Viewership
1/1/20- 967,000
1/8/20- 947,000


Rhea Ripley's number one contender will be determined this week and a major announcement for this was announced last night. On WWE Backstage Ryan Saitn would break the story that new NXT signing Mercedes Martinez, a beloved independent star would be in the match. That match of course is a battle royal that will see the entire depth of this roster compete for a right at the new champ. Feels like a bit of a flex from WWE and just showing off how great their women's division is compared to the show on TNT.

This show will continue moving forward with the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic as well as building towards "When Worlds Collide" on Royal Rumble weekend. At the conclusion of the NXTUK network special last weekend we saw The Undisputed Era take out Walter and stand tall. I would expect a continuation of this feud on this show.  Also Riddle and Dunne will take on Andrews and Webster and the debut of the Time Splitters on NXT programming will take on the Grizzled Young Vets. I expect NXT to bring in the most viewers of 2020 for their show due to the promoted talents.

Viewership Prediction: 800,000

1/1/20- 548,000
1/8/20- 721,000

What are your thoughts on tonight's shows and which show will you be watching? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic.

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