2020 Wednesday Wrestling Viewership: Week 3 AEW is Top 5

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AEW has started off 2020 hitting home run, after home run, after home run. The show has dipped below 900k since returning from a one week hiatus to close 2019. The end of 2019 was seeing a massive decline in viewership from launch date and the show losing each week to NXT in viewership. Then the New Year hit and AEW put out their best show to date and the show has been nearing 1 million viewers each week. It's also worth noting that TNT just extended the program for an additional three years and added another show for weekly television. If this week couldn't get any better for The Elite, they would then post over 900k yet again and finish in the top 5 in cable ratings. They would defeat NXT by over 200k viewers and finish 25 spots ahead in the rankings. 

NXT, on the other hand, has seen a massive drop since Rhea Ripley held her title high above her head after defeating the unbeatable Shayna Baszler. NXT would then produce taped programming and in 2020 would air an awards show against a live AEW Dynamite. While the new year has done wonders for AEW, the gold and black WWE brand can't seem to find their footing. This week however they were able to climb back into the top 50 rankings and post a respectable 700k viewership, this is a far cry from where they finished just weeks ago. 

Below is a graph of the top 50 cable shows for Wednesday, January 15th, 2020:


What are your thoughts on the viewership numbers this week? Do you believe AEW will close the month with a clean sweep or do you believe as we get closer ot Royal Rumble and When World's Collide NXT can close the gap? Let me know on Twitter @awesomephinatic.

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