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Weekend Wrap Up- Injuries, Honor Club Mess, Bravo Releasing More Details

Bobby Fish Injury

During a Northeast Wrestling Show in Waterbury, Connecticut last night, Rey Mysterio reportedly tore his left bicep. It was during a tag-team match in which he teamed with Flip Gordon, going against Joey Mercury and Caleb Konly. Once the injury became clear, Mysterio went to the finish.

Bobby Fisher was also injured during a NXT Event in Indianapolis. Fish came down on his right knee, and rolled to the outside of the ring. The referee tossed up the 'X' sign and Fish was helped to the back.

ROH's Honor Club was a disaster this weekend as over 70% of people who subscribed could not get the show to play on Saturday night, or could get to log in.

Jon Bravo, who recently helped Richard Rodriguez release information and allegations towards Roman Reigns for steroids use, is claiming that he will be releasing a long video with documentation on Tuesday night. He also said he will be releasing other wrestler names as well.

Ryan's Take: It's terrible timing for the Rey injury, as he was still in talks with WWE for a return. Hopefully this will be quick recovery for Mysterio, and he can get back into talks for a return. As for the Fish injury, very bad timing as well, hoping the injury isn't too serious so he can get back into the ring.

ROH's Honor Club mess needs to be fixed. Usually when streaming services first come about, they have bugs that need fixed. This is a big bug that needs to be fixed as over 70% people could not get into the Honor Club.

With the whole allegations with Reigns, if there isn't any hard proof evidence, then Roman walks away from this. If things come about the other way, then I see Roman getting taken out of the WrestleMania Main Event. This is an on going story as we will continue to keep up with. 

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