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What Finn Balor Thinks Of NXT; His Favorite Entrance Of All-Time

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Finn Balor

Finn Balor is making some media rounds in England to promote tomorrow night's NXT Takeover: London special. Balor spoke with Kerrang! about a variety of subjects, including who is going under the radar in NXT, how he views NXT and his favorite entrance of all time. You can view some of the highlights from the interview below.

Who are some of his favorites in NXT?

“I think there’s some very obvious ones, like Apollo Crews, but two for me that have really started to stand out in recent times are Jason Jordan and Chad Gable, as a tag team. I think someone who I don’t think gets enough credit is Aiden English, and I think in the future he’s definitely one of the unsung heroes of NXT – and I think he has a very bright future, be it as a tag-team wrestler, as he is currently, or as a singles wrestler in the future.”

How does he view NXT?

“Well I always like to describe NXT as more of a rock’n’roll wrestling show. It has that kinda underground, indie feel that I was so accustomed to in the independent circuits that I loved so much. So, for me, it’s been a beautiful coming together of working with the WWE but also still having that raw organic feel of being an independent, so that’s the one thing that makes NXT so different than anywhere else. It’s kinda having the hybrid of both very different styles.”

Which wrestler has his favorite entrance?

“Stone Cold Steve Austin, when the glass breaks. It just gets you every time, doesn’t matter if it’s a small house show or a big-bang show, just once the glass breaks it gets everyone riled-up, so that’s easy!”

CLICK HERE to view the full interview.

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