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In 2012, "The Hounds of Justice" came to WWE's main roster, establishing themselves as arguably the greatest group in WWE history. They eventually founds themselves as the most over group of superstars on the roster through the next year. However, in 2014, The Shield had broken after Seth Rollins drove vicious chair shots heard from around the world through his Shield brethren, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose, declaring his heel turn and main event sights.

After their breakup, all 3 Shield members had feuded and battled over the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. All 3 men have held the title after their breakup. Then, of course, Seth Rollins had turned face after he was screwed over by The Authority over the Universal Championship. All 3 men had their own separate differences with The Authority as well. For some time, there were rumors that they would eventually get back together to reform The Shield. Sure enough they did, but with illness and injuries plaguing their group after their reunion, their new Shield run was short-lived.

Dean Ambrose was out with an injury so The Shield quietly had eased up on anything Shield-related until his return. After his return, he teased a heel turn on Seth Rollins for quite some time but WWE Creatives kept putting it off.  Then, Reigns had announced that he had to step back from work due to leukemia and that he had to relinquish the Universal Championship. That night, Dean Ambrose turned on Seth and for months (even after Reigns returned to WWE), his heel run was very lackluster. It was no secret that Ambrose was frustrated with his role and that he wanted out of WWE. So, this led to another Shield reunion to send him off better than what he was getting with creative.

Roman Reigns wasn't in the main event title picture after his return and Seth Rollins feuded with Brock Lesnar over the Universal Championship, eventually winning it twice and losing it to "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, leading to a heel turn since the WWE Universe wasn't too keen on keeping Seth as a baby face anymore. It was time for a change and we all absolutely love that annoying, whining, a-hole that we have seen in Seth Rollins after his destruction of The Shield in 2014. Even though WWE fans have embraced Reigns and cheered him on after he had defeated leukemia, they still aren't too happy with his feud with Goldberg over the Universal Championship. Maybe it's because it's pretty crappy this he could just respond to Goldberg's infamous question "Who's next?" by coming out to the ring to say "I'm next..." WWE completely disregarded the fact that "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, who's one of the biggest things going in WWE today, held the title for months and made this gimmick as powerful as it is. That's near burial at its finest.

So, how do you get the WWE Universe to actually love Roman Reigns for once instead of booing him every time he comes to the ring? You bring Seth Rollins on over to Smackdown during a surprise Superstar Shake-up after Wrestlemania or after the first PPV event after Wrestlemania. You could very well reunite new Universal Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins, and throw in an underutilized superstar who's sick of how he's being used on WWE television and establish his reign of terror against other undeserving superstars on the roster. This would be the perfect spot for guys like Finn Balor, Ricochet, Cedric Alexander, or Cesaro.

Think about it! These guys have been buried beyond belief and haven't really had fair chances at life on WWE television. They were just thrown in ridiculous on-screen comedic roles or a tag team just so they can get a chance to actually be seen on television. But that's not them being properly utilized based off the fact that these are guys who show the utmost potential at main event status. Realistically, any of those guys could be the perfect fit as a third member of the newly-formed Shield. Adding one of them into the group and keeping The Shield as a heel group would be perfect for WWE's ratings. Everyone is getting exactly what they want. This could be a new look for us to see Roman Reigns as a heel instead of WWE pushing him down WWE fans' throats as a supposed-to-be good guy. That storyline/gimmick is just not fitting anymore. Especially when he just basically passed all other deserving WWE superstars on the Smackdown roster just to accept a challenge from Goldberg, which having him as champion isn't keen in many WWE fans' eyes either.

It's rumored that The Fiend and Roman Reigns will feud for the title with Wyatt eventually winning the title off of Reigns after he recruits two guys to reform The Wyatt Family, most likely being Erick Rowan and Braun Strowman. Reigns will need to get even somehow and with the other rumors that Seth Rollins could possibly head over to Smackdown and Finn Balor could be back on the main roster soon, they could form a group of their own and fight fire with fire. Also, Ricochet could be turning heel and have a pretty good heel run this year so adding a heel Ricochet into the group could be pretty nice to see as well.

Honestly, if this Shield reformation could happen with a guy like Finn Balor or Ricochet in the group, it would be great for all parties because it could save WWE from potentially losing another guy to All-Elite Wrestling in the long run, WWE fans would probably come to like Roman Reigns and they'd get to see The Shield again even though Dean Ambrose is Jon Moxley again. Not to mention, the ratings could possibly skyrocket because of all of this. For a while, there were also rumors that a female superstar could become a Shield member as well but then, the Shield ended up breaking up again after Dean Ambrose's WWE departure. Maybe we could see someone like Dana Brooke join the faction. Maybe we could see Lacey Evans, Bayley or Sasha Banks join. It'd be a hell of a storyline, that's for sure! 

What do you all think? What's your opinion of a reformation of The Shield? Comment your thoughts or tweet me @WNWJovan with the hashtag #WNWThoughts

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