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Big E is currently in a triangle feud with Sami Zayn and Apollo Crews for the Intercontinental Championship but what will be next? My prediction is based off another prediction that Big E will retain against Zayn and Crews. Who I think will be next for Big E is GOLDBERG!!! Meat slapping against meat! Big E finally getting his dream match! Just kidding it's not Goldberg but Aleister Black, Big E will have to most likely wait to face Goldberg some other day.

I hope I did not get people excited for Goldberg but Black and Big E will be a much better match and I think the build to a possible WrestleMania match between the two could be amazing. Black when he was last seen fought Kevin Owens and Black was a heel which in my opinion is fitting for a man's who gimmick is a prince of darkness. Black is a hardcore, silent, deadly, punk rock, prince of darkness while Big E is a prince of positivity who is loud, powerful, outgoing, and all about fun! The feud will be a clash between opposite characters and different in ring styles. Aleister Black is mainly an agile striker while Big E is a powerful wrestler who focuses on suplexes and slams. 


These two I think would blend perfectly in a Yin and Yang type of way. It could possibly lead to Big E winning and looking even stronger in his Intercontinental Title feud but I think it will lead to Black winning and getting the title. With all the drama with Vega being released over not going with WWE getting rid of WWE superstars using third party services to make money of their characters, Black her husband has not been seen since and is probably bitter about how his wife being released. Rumors still say Black is still with the promotion though and some say he will be used in a huge way soon. Believe it or not but I do and I think he is going to win the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania finally starting more success on the main roster. I think Black will return in the Men's Rumble match and have a performance that will put him back in the spotlight and if Big E's title match with Zayn and Crews is at the Royal Rumble I think it will  be a fantastic match that puts a spotlight on Big E.

Big E won the title on Christmas day and there has not been a long mid card title reign in WWE for quite a while so Mania is or around it is probably the deadline for the conclusion of Big E's reign. If Big E does lose the title to Black I think he will rebound quickly and finally be put in the upper card of SmackDown and a main event feud with Roman Reigns after one or two lead up feuds. Black will get his moment he is a valuable superstar to any company and I think WWE wants to finally reward him and take him to the next level.

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