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SmackDown's Savior and formerly the Monday Night Messiah returned to WWE in the Men's Royal Rumble Match right in time for the Road to WrestleMania so what is next for Rollins? I believe the Universal Champion Roman Reigns will be chosen by the Rumble winner Edge so I don't think Rollins and Reigns is the program and I also think Rollins will remain a heel so where does that lead?

I doubt Rollins will be put in the Intercontinental Championship picture so him and Big E is unlikely as well but since SmackDown is only two hours and has a smaller roster than RAW there are only so many options. Of course we can't rule out Rollins facing a returning legend like a Christian or Goldberg or some other legend. This could happen since usually legends at Mania either face another legend or an upper card current star like Rollins. This is still not the exact direction I think Rollins will take towards Mania. 


The feud he starts tonight or hints toward tonight I think will carry to Mania and maybe even after since Rollins tends to only be in long storylines. Many thought Daniel Bryan was going to win the Men's Rumble Match but he did not so he currently is not doing anything right now. Bryan is also currently a face and back to the YES gimmick. Rollins and Bryan I think will be the program for the two with the winner of the feud going after Reigns after Mania. This prediction also implies Reigns beating Edge at Mania and retaining the championship. I think having Edge lose allows for more freedom in his matches since if Edge is not champion he does not need to be locked down to one brand and can have "dream" matches against NXT, RAW, and SmackDown stars. I'm getting off topic though so I'll get back to Rollins. Bryan is all about yes you can and anybody can overcome great obstacles while Rollins has been about the opposite and that only chosen elite can achieve greatness and that he is the chosen elite. The story writes itself, both men are former World Champions and both men are great in the ring. The build would be great and the match definitely worthy of WrestleMania. Now they have hinted at Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan feuding again for a while now but I think they have turned away from that but we will see in the coming months for now I am sticking with Rollins and Bryan.

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