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As we are on the eve of AEW's next PPV All Out, there are several expectations that this will be a night where the promotion's direction will take a sharp turn. New storylines will be established, and long running feuds will reach its apex. Whatever happens at Daily's Place tomorrow, it promises to be an exciting night. That said, let's take a look at the five things that MUST happen before the end of the night...

Shida & Thunder Rosa must be given time to shine. Give AEW credit, they have tried to steer a difficult ship regarding their women's division. Despite being ransacked with injuries, they have managed to reach out and set up one of the most anticipated matches of the evening. It will be their Women's Champion Shida taking on NWA Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa, who had an impressive showing this past Wednesday on Dynamite against Serena Deeb. Even if this is going to be a one-off appearance for Rosa, this match cannot be given the usual TV time that most segments involving the women's division has received to date. These are two of the best technical wrestlers in women's wrestling today. Allow them to tear the house down, even cutting other matches' time if need be. Will this change the perception of the division overnight? No, but what it will do is provide a glimpse of what they can do on the big stage, prompting AEW to hopefully devote more time to showcasing the division. 

The Jericho/Cassidy feud must end. Give Chris Jericho and Orange Cassidy some credit; they have tried their hardest to make people invested in this months long feud. It has resulted in receiving some of the company's highest ratings this past Wednesday. That said, it has also resulted in some of the most nonsensical segments, from orange juice pouring on the Inner Circle to a debate that included a discussion on climate change. I have no idea what is going to happen at this Mimosa Mayhem match, but hopefully it will be the end of Le Champion's attempt to elevate a guy who is at best a mid-card attraction. 

Britt Baker must win her match against Big Swole. Credit to Tony Khan for listening to the cries of social media that requested that this match to be on the main PPV card instead of the Buy-In on YouTube. Despite the Roll Model's injury, she has done a fantastic job of keeping fans invested with her rivalry against Big Swole, going back to before the pandemic. How Baker's ability to put on a capable match given her recovery must be taken into consideration, but regardless she has to get the win here. Most feuds usually end with the face getting the comeuppance on the heel, but in this case they need to build up a believable challenger to the AEW Women's title, whomever may be holding it at the end of the night, and Baker is the ideal person to build up heat for that eventual match. 

FTR must win the titles, leading to the breakup of Page/Omega. AEW has done an incredible job of making their tag team division the premiere entity in wrestling. Those who hold the titles can legitimately claim to be the best duo in the world, and after tomorrow night it must be FTR. They came in with a lot of fanfare, and their cemented heel turn with Tully Blanchard has them prepared to finally claim the titles. This will more than likely be the best match of the night, and it has to end with FTR finally grabbing that brass ring. It will also end the on-again/off-again relationship between Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page. Whether it's that night or in the week ahead, the string that binds them (the titles) will break, as will their partnership.

MJF must walk out at champion by pinning Jon Moxley. Often in wrestling there are times in which a seismic shift must take place, even if it comes at a risk. In 1998, WWF knew it was time to put the championship on Stone Cold Steve Austin. Later that year, WCW understood that it was time for Goldberg to finally become The Man. It was the same in 2005 when the WWE allowed both John Cena and Batista to beat legends at WrestleMania on their way to being World Champions. One of TNA's biggest failures was its inability to trust its homegrown talent to become the World Champion until it was too late. Great promotions must know to strike while the iron is hot, and AEW needs to heed that call and make MJF their first ever homegrown World Champion.

It's imperative that I mentioned in the tease that they allow MJF to pin Moxley. The reason I state that is because one of the stipulations in the match is that Moxley cannot use his Paradigm Shift finisher. This cannot be one of those situations in which he gets frustrated, uses it, and loses the title based on that. It hurts MJF more than it will Moxley. He's good enough that he can absorb a loss. Even if it means Wardlow interferes and causes Moxley to get pinned, that is acceptable because he's a heel and that's what they're supposed to do, cheat. But MJF has to win for another reason.

AEW has done a great job of establishing itself as the #2 promotion in the country, but still has a stench of "only ex-WWE stars will get the big pushes." For people who say that MJF is too young to be the main man, remember that both Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar were around the same age when WWE trusted them to be the champions. Also, this is a perfect time to see if he can run with the strap. Even if he can't, that's a topic for another time. The fact is that AEW needs to remove the Stanford hierarchy and create a true paradigm shift, and that's by making MJF their World Champion at All Out. 

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