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What Randy Orton's Salary Leaking Means For Future WWE Contract Negotiations

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While I haven't heard WWE's reaction to TMZleaking Randy Orton's salary of $291,666 a month, I'm under the assumption they are none too pleased. The assumption from many backstage was that Orton was getting paid as a "top guy" but very few believed he was making close to $300,000 per month.

I asked one source about another top name in the company and was told they weren't getting paid "anywhere near" that amount. WWE likes to keep salaries private because it hurts them when negotiating contracts. A situation WWE will have on their hands sooner than later will be that of CM Punk. Punk's contract will be coming due over the course of the next several months and Orton's salary leaking doesn't exactly put the "ball in WWE's court." When negotiating a new deal with the company a couple years ago, Punk made strong demands and was willing to walk away if they were not met.

Given that Punk's value has only increased since his latest WWE contract was signed in 2011, I'm under the impression he'll be looking for an even more favorable deal this time around.

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