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What Should Be Next For Ethan Page?

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After his Impact Wrestling finale this past weekend at Hard To Kill where they literally killed his character by having a karate version of himself rip his heart out. Page recently spoke out about the Hard To Kill match and how much he disliked his final Impact Wrestling match. You have to wonder, what is next for the 31 year old Ethan Page. In this article I'm going to take a look at the potential landing spots Page and predict where he lands. 

Page started on the Independent Wrestling scene in 2013 he worked primarily PWG and Evolve. Then in 2014 he went to Ring Of Honor before finally signing with Impact Wrestling in 2017. He has been with Impact since then and now he's finally a free agent. 


MLW is a fast rising promotion that has been continually adding ways for people to watch their product. They have tons of young talent like Jacob Fatu, Alex Hammerston, Lio Rush, The Von Erichs and Myron Reed. Ethan Page would fit nicely into their roster and would be a great addition to their one hour programming. The biggest question would become would MLW be able to financially offer Ethan Page what others will be willing to pay him to get his talent on their shows. As much as I would love to see Ethan Page vs. Jacob Fatu for the MLW Championship, I believe that he will likely be looking for a bigger paycheck. He is 31 years old and hasn't yet been able to cash in on one of those big paydays yet. 


AEW will be launching a second TV show this year and with that said, they will need to continue signing younger talents for their shows. Page seems to be an extremely creative talent and regardless of what else you may say about AEW they allow their talents to be creative. Page would be a fantastic addition to this roster as well and help create a mid-card that seems to be lacking a bit with such a focus made on the tag division as the secondary division to the show. Imagine feuds like Page vs. Archer, Miro or even Darby Allin. Not only would Page be allowed more creative control with his character than in other places, AEW does pay well and gets you quite a bit of exposure being on TNT. I think AEW would be a very solid option for Page if he chooses to go here. 


Regardless of what some of the IWC may believe, it is still lots of young wrestlers dreams to one day wrestle in the WWE. Look no further back than a recent video by Nash Carter of MSK (Formerly the Rascalz) a tag team that Ethan Page knows plenty about them. It appears that WWE has realized it needs to start building younger stars, fast. They have signed the likes of MSK, Alex Zayne and potentially Jay White. Page would be a great fit in NXT and has the size that WWE officials like rolling in at 6'2 just under 220lbs. Page could be a great piece to an upcoming faction in NXT, pairing with a tag partner or as a stand alone star that could help the mid-card of that show. 

In my opinion Ethan Page should take his talents to NXT and with the reason being, he's 31 and it's likely that WWE/NXT will probably offer him his biggest deal yet. Although it'll likely lock him into his mid-30's having the WWE machine behind you with merchandise and their social media programs is a great way to help build your personal brand. I not only think that he should sign with them, however my prediction is that he will sign with NXT and could debut as soon as the Valentine's Day NXT Takeover show. 

Where do you want to see Ethan Page sign and when do you think we could see him next? Let me know on Twitter @View_Raw also if you haven't yet become a premium member do so now and get a 30 day free trial

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