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It's an interesting time in NXT, huge names like Tegan Nox, Shotzi Blackheart, Toni Storm, and Finn Balor have all made their way to the main roster while NXT has received Mandy Rose. Now, it is no slight to Mandy that this trade-off seems a bit lopsided, the one-for-four trade is almost always going to be in favor of the brand that gets four new superstars, but NXT is great at making the best out of what they have. So Mandy is back on the black and gold brand and that means that NXT should do something with her. So here are five possible ways that NXT can book Mandy Rose. 

1. Team With Franky Monet


Franky Monet seems to be scheming to take over the Robert Stone brand, but who says that she has to do that alone? Mandy seemed to be scouting talent during her last appearance on NXT and while it seems like she might be looking at newcomer Jacy Jayne, she could end up teaming with her opponent. 

The NXT Women's Tag Division could also use another team, with Shotzi Blackheart having recently jumped to SmackDown leaving Ember Moon to fend for herself. Mandy has always been a proficient tag team wrestler, so pairing her up with someone could be a natural way to integrate her back into NXT. 

2. Have Her Lead A Faction 


Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville made their first big impact on the roster being led by Paige as a part of Absolution. Mandy could now return the favor by leading her own faction of up-and-coming superstars. It has already been made clear that Mandy seems to be scouting talent, but it isn't clear what her purpose is just yet. Maybe she could put together a group featuring Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne who were in both of the matches that Rose has been spotted watching. 

A group like this can be an excellent way to promote newer talent on the NXT women's roster while still giving Mandy a purpose on the show as I don't see her going after the women's title any time soon. 

3. Pair With Robert Stone


Sure, Robert Stone and his crew are absolutely a comedy act on NXT but a partnership with Mandy Rose could add some legitimacy to the brand. 

NXT could take this time to focus on the Mandy Rose that exists outside of WWE, and have her hire Stone to manage her affairs in and outside of the ring. This is a great opportunity to pick Robert Stone back up and turn him into an arrogant heel again instead of a little dweeb. 

Of all of the options, this one feels the least likely to happen as NXT tries to stay away from focusing on the beauty of their female stars, and this gimmick would likely need to rely on Mandy's other life as a model/bikini world champion. It doesn't really seem to fit, but that doesn't mean there isn't an angle that could make it work. 

4. Reunion With Otis

Mandy and Otis

Maybe I will get some hate for this one, but Mandy and Otis was a fantastic pairing and one of the best long-term stories of 2020. Sure, it fizzled out after the draft moved Mandy to Raw leaving Otis by himself on SmackDown, but that doesn't mean these two couldn't rekindle their spark on NXT. 

Otis is currently a part of Chad Gable's Alpha Academy and if we are being honest, that gimmick has been in a holding pattern since it began. Moving Otis to NXT doesn't really seem like it will upset any major plans as Alpha Academy seems to be set as the next stepping stone for The Street Profits as they make their way back to the tag titles. 

Put Otis on NXT and have him and Mandy pick up where they left off. It isn't groundbreaking but it was working for both of them on SmackDown last year. Maybe we can get some solid mixed tag team matches out of it. 

5. NXT Women's Championship Feud


I know I already said that I don't think Mandy will be going after gold any time soon on NXT, but I could be wrong. Since debuting in WWE in 2016 Rose has yet to hold championship gold. Maybe it is time for her to have a serious run at a belt. 

I don't think that I see Mandy taking the belt off of Raquel Gonzalez, but having her work against Raquel would be a great way to show off Mandy's skills in the ring which is something Mandy will need to latch onto in order to stay relevant in NXT. Mandy is skilled in the ring, but that fact always seems to end up being overshadowed by her looks and her melodramatic storylines. 

Mandy has the opportunity to rebrand herself on NXT and while she likely won't end up on the list of women that have held the NXT Women's Championship, a feud for the belt could be exactly what she needs. 

What do you think? Where will Mandy Rose fit in on NXT? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer!

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