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Murphy formerly Buddy Murphy has been off television for a little while. He was last seen on television losing a rematch to King Corbin. The Aalyah Mysterio and Murphy romance angle has seemingly been dropped and the question remains what to do with Murphy. He was seemingly on the rise after separating from Seth Rollins. There was some rumors and hints that Murphy would be part of the Corbin/Mysterio feud along with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake being on the side of Corbin. Steve Cutler has recently been released though. The release led to the end of the Knights of the Lone Wolf, Corbin's subordinates. Murphy is without direction and has been at SmackDown tapings backstage but they don't know what to do with him. 

I'm going to propose three possible scenarios for Murphy because he is talented in the ring and a plus to any show he is on. The fans love him and he deserves a push, he is more than due. One scenario involves a title the other two do not but all other feuds in the singles division. Two have him stay a face since he was one last time we saw him and another has him turn heel again.

1. Broken-hearted with a void only gold can fill


This scenario has Murphy return but Aalyah and him have broken up and he his depressed. Dominik and Rey ignore him since they no longer have Aalyah as a bridge. He turns back to old habits but not when he was with Rollins but when he was Cruiserweight Champion. A heel who follows no one. He then decides that the only way to replace the hole left by Aalyah is to fill it with the Intercontinental Championship. Murphy then goes after Big E and feuds with him. I know Crews is currently feuding Big E but they could add Murphy or end the feud with Crews soon. Murphy is talented and popular with the fans and is more than capable of having a WrestleMania title feud. Murphy is ready and I think he has already proven he is ready.

2. Shutting up the conspiracist 


Sami Zayn is currently fighting the system and with how things are going with Murphy it would make more sense for him to join Zayn to be honest, but SmackDown has more heels than faces. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura seem to already be turning face so maybe Murphy doesn't have to be a face which is why there are multiple scenarios but I don't think both men mentioned above will both stay face long. Murphy and Zayn could have some classic matches since both have similar styles with Murphy being a bit more acrobatic. What would Murphy's motivation be though? It could be he wants to shut up Zayn and prove to him the best way to fight the system is by hard work. Yes it is cheesy and so is the Big E story I suggested. The story could start with Zayn trying to recruit Murphy saying he has been screwed even more than Zayn and together they could fix the system. Murphy could start by playing along then deny Zayn and the feud begins from there.

3. Joining a former enemy in the fight against the chief


Murphy has plenty of history with the main babyface of SmackDown, Kevin Owens. Last year and even in the tail end of 2019 when the feud started Owens feuded with Seth Rollins on RAW. Murphy along with the Authors of Pain were the disciples of Rollins during the Owens feud. This storyline proposes Murphy stay as a face and instead of fight against Owens join him. The storyline could include a lot of mistrust between the two but Murphy never betraying him and instead being loyal and helping Owens take down the tribal chief. Owens has lost three times to Reigns already but none of them were clean losses. It seems like they are not done with each other and if that is the case Owens will need help. WWE could introduce Murphy as the help and have Murphy feud with the Reigns family alongside Owens but Murphy focusing on dealing with Jey Uso. Murphy's reasoning for joining Owens could be to make amends with Owens and end a regime similar to the one Rollins tried to create on RAW and even attempt to make on SmackDown as well. 

Other scenarios for Murphy have run through my head as well but this are the three that I would LIKE to happen the most and by no means the most likely to actually happen. What would you like WWE to do with Murphy? Maybe you would like them to bring him and Andrade back together in a feud? Maybe something else or maybe you would like to see one of the scenarios I proposed. Let me know in the comments or on twitter @juicecannon1

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