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The war is over! Whether you think WWE gave in or that NXT moved nights for the USA Network for other reasons, it does not change the fact that for the foreseeable future NXT and AEW will be running shows without major competition on national television. This presents a unique opportunity for both promotions to grab fans that might've been watching their competition during the Wednesday Night War. 

For NXT this means that they can grab wrestling fans who might not have seen their product since before the Fall of 2019. So what can NXT do to reestablish itself on a new night and what do fans want to see as the black and gold brand starts this new era? Let's take a look at just 5 things that we want to see from the first Tuesday night NXT! 

1. A Big Debut/Return


At NXT TakeOver Stand & Deliver we learned that we will see the debut of Franky Monet (FKA Impact Wrestling's Taya Valkyrie), but I think it is safe to assume that won't be the only debut or return this week. This is the perfect opportunity to debut any number of the fantastic recent Performance Center recruits or even re-debut a former NXT star such as Aleister Black or Buddy Murphy. 

In addition to a big debut or return this is also a great time to bring back any NXT Superstars that have been out due to injury or just haven't been seen in a while like Tegan Nox. 

A solid debut or return could be a huge win for NXT and could set up wrestling fans to come back week after week. 

2. A Title Change


Another great way to get people talking about NXT would be to have a surprise title change. Seeing how we saw both the NXT and NXT Women's Championships changed hands, I wouldn't expect either of those titles to be up for grabs, but the North American Title, Cruiserweight Title and either the men's or women's tag titles are all candidates for surprise changes. 

In my opinion, the biggest splash would be to take the North American Championship off of Johnny Gargano who is guaranteed to make whoever beats him look like a million bucks. Another great option is the Cruiserweight Title which has felt pretty safe with Santos Escobar prior to his unification ladder match with Jordan Devlin, a title change there could reveal a lot about the future of the WWE Cruiserweight division. 

3. Multiple Women's Matches


Throughout the Wednesday Night Wars, one of the major advantages that NXT held over AEW was the strength of their women's division. NXT needs to show fans that NXT Women's Divison is not just a tool to help in a ratings war but truly is the best women's division in wrestling today. Featuring multiple women's matches will reaffirm WWE and NXT's commitment to women's wrestling and continue to give fans a reason to keep NXT on their schedule. 

Some women's matches that I expect to see are a women's tag titles match, a match featuring either Raquel Gonzalez or Dakota Kai, and a match to advance the Xia Li storyline. 

2. Some Connection To The "Main Roster" 


If you're a fan that hasn't paid attention to NXT since the beginning of the Wednesday Night War you may still view NXT as the developmental branch of WWE, well a lot has changed since then. 

That being said one way to show fans that NXT is on the same level as Raw and SmackDown would be to do something to really connect the black and gold to either the blue or red brands on this Tuesday night. Maybe we the SmackDown Tag Team Champs, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, come to set up a cross-brand match against MSK, or The Hurt Business comes to recruit new members. Regardless of the situation, NXT needs to solidify its position within the company. 

1. Set A Clear Course For The Future


NXT just put on a fantastic show at TakeOver Stand & Deliver, so even if they weren't moving to a new night I would be expecting this on the show after a major event, but with NXT moving to a new night the pressure is on! NXT has new Men's and Women's Champions and a new night to go with it, but when the smoke settles at the end of the night I want to see where NXT is heading clearly. 

Far too often wrestling shows meader about and don't really have direction, but NXT can show wrestling fans how they are different. With TakeOver firmly in the tail lights, it is time for the newly minted Tuesday night crew to fix their eyes on their next goal. 

There you go, 5 things I want to see from the first Tuesday night NXT. What do you want to see from the show? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer! 

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