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The war is over! NXT has moved to Tuesdays, and now All Elite Wrestling finally has a truly unopposed spot on national television on Wednesday nights. Whether you were an NXT diehard or an AEW fanboy, you are likely looking forward to seeing what AEW does with this opportunity. 

To keep it short and sweet, AEW needs to double down on the things that make them stand out from other wrestling shows while also showing that they can fill the hole that NXT is leaving on Wednesdays. But what exactly are those strengths and areas of opportunity? Let's take a look at what we want to see from AEW's first week without competition. 

5. A Solid Tag Match 

Young Bucks vs Death Triangle

This one shouldn't be too hard to accomplish, but one thing that AEW has offered over their competition has been their fantastic tag team division. NXT fans who might decide to tune will likely look to see AEW show off their tag division in a big way tomorrow night. 

Luckily, AEW currently has The Young Bucks, and Death Triangle booked in a title match for this week's Dynamite and that match should deliver on everything fans of tag team wrestling want. 

4. A Big Reveal or Signing

Paul Wight AEW

There is no better way to grab a wrestling fan's attention than a major surprise. AEW has been able to plan for a few weeks now for their first unopposed show, and I would expect them to call in every favor that they can in order make a big surprise happen. I don't necessarily expect the surprise to be a major signing or crazy unexpected debut, but Tony Khan claims the forbidden door is open so that really does open up the possibilities. 

Maybe we see a big name from Impact other than The Good Brothers finally cross over onto Dynamite? Maybe another major Japanese start makes an appearance. I don't want to get anyone's hopes up but AEW has been able to do what people thought to be impossible on more than one occasion. 

3. TNT Championship Action

Darby Allin vs Matt Hardy

Darby Allin and Matt Hardy are currently scheduled to have a Falls Count Anywhere Match for the TNT Championship. This has the potential to be a huge match for AEW to get eyes on their show. The TNT Championship has had a rocky history since it debuted last Summer, but this is the kind of match with the potential to breathe new life into the entire title scene. 

Matt Hardy has the kind of name recognition that will get people in to watch the match, and the stipulation provides the opportunity for some huge moments. There is a part of me that wants to see this current version of Matt Hardy walk away with the title, but I expect we won't see the belt change hands this week. Expect interference from Private Party and The Butcher and The Blade on behalf of Matt Hardy as well as a potential run-in from Sting to save Darby Allin before the end of the match. 

2. Good Use Of Big-Name Stars 

Harwood v Jericho

AEW does not big stars at all, in fact, it was one of the biggest advantages that they held over NXT during the ratings war. AEW has been able to use guys like Matt Hardy, Cody Rhodes, and of course Chris Jericho to drive more mainstream wrestling fans to their product, and I don't expect that to change anytime soon. 

This week we will see Chris Jericho take on Dax Harwood of FTR and Pinnacle with Mike Tyson as the special ringside enforcer. Jericho and Tyson are huge names and so that already checks this box, but I want to see AEW use some of their other big names too, guys like Christian Cage and Paul Wight should get segments along with Kenny Omega and Jon Moxley. The stars need to be out in order to grab those eyes, this is not a night to let any big names take the week off. 

1. A Solid Women's Match 


I will be the first to admit that AEW has done a good job recently of rehabilitating their women's division. But the narrative that AEW does not have a focus on their women's division is still out there. AEW's former direct competition, NXT, has one of the best women's divisions in wrestling right now and if AEW wants to grab fans that were watching NXT, they need to put on at least one solid women's match. 

As it stands, we will see the Red Velvet take on Jade Cargill and Kris Statlander in her first match back from injury. While I am sure both of those matches can deliver, I would love to see AEW book one more sure-fire banger in the women's division for this week. 

In addition to a solid women's match, it would be great to hear from AEW Women's Champion Hikaru Shida, to help establish where the division stands at the moment. 

So there are the things I want to see from AEW's first stand-alone Dynamite! What do you think? What would you like to see this week? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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