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AEW's flagship event is just around the corner and wrestling fans everywhere are excited to see what happens. All Elite Wrestling has put together a solid little card and hopes that lightning will strike twice with the second-ever Stadium Stampede match. Double or Nothing 2021 will have a lot to live up to as the previous two editions of this Pay Per View have been some of the best of their respective years. 

So what do we want to see happen at Double or Nothing 2021? In short, that is big moments because that is what AEW needs to do to cross this off as another success. 

1. Britt Baker Wins The AEW Women's Championship


Hikaru Shida was able to capture the AEW Women's World Championship off of Nyla Rose at last year's Double or Nothing in a match that was good but didn't quite steal the show. Since then Shida has defended her championship here and there, but she has yet to face one of the biggest stars of the AEW women's division. 

This weekend Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D. will get the opportunity she has been waiting for and get a shot at the title, and if AEW listens to the fans, she will walk out of Daily's Place the new champion. 

Britt Baker has become one of the true breakout stars of AEW not just in the women's division but in the world of wrestling in general. Baker was consistently one of the most entertaining performers of the pandemic era even when she was unable to compete due to injury. 

Regardless of the outcome, I do expect these two to put on a hell of a match, but if we are being honest the right move would be seeing Baker take home her first championship in AEW. 

2. Cody Rhodes Loses To Anthony Ogogo


Look, the discourse surrounding Cody Rhodes lately is interesting, to say the least. The man once regarded as the future of pro-wrestling and the answer to the self-serving ways of WWE is now being accused of doing the same things that he sought to destroy. But all is not lost for the American Nightmare, because this is an opportunity to prove the naysayers wrong. 

Cody should go put over Anthony Ogogo.

Look, that recent Cody promo talking about his interracial relationship and how that somehow relates to the relationship between The United Kingdom and The United States was bad. But that doesn't mean that it can't be saved. This is a chance to show us how far Cody has strayed from his original goal and how his hubris has made him the very thing that he sought to destroy. 

I mean he'll probably win and we'll be having this same conversation before All Out, so whatever. 

3. The Break Up of The Inner Circle

Inner Circle no more

How many times have the Inner Circle faced the breakup stipulation? I honestly don't even know at this point. It feels like every few months, the Chris Jericho-led faction faces an existential threat that brings them right up to the point of permanent disbandment. Well, now it's time to actually do it. 

As much as I enjoy the group, it is starting to get to the point that it feels like these guys have nowhere else to go together. It is time for guys like Santana and Ortiz and Sammy Guevara to move on to opportunities for themselves. The Pinnacle has now been established as the dominant heel faction in the company and that is ok. 

The Stadium Stampede match is the kind of match that can really celebrate all of the work that these five guys did to get the company over in its early days and be the perfect passing of the torch to the Pinnacle. If it doesn't happen now, then AEW needs to stay away from this stipulation for a while before bringing it back, or else it's going to start feeling like an unrealistic threat. 

So there are three things that we want to see at Double or Nothing 2021. Let me know what you want to see by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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