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What You Didn't See On Last Night's Smackdown; Brodus Clay Tells WNW Reader He'll Be Back In Two Weeks

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- Wrestling News World reader Jon Robertson sent in the following:

Daniel Bryan retained the World Heavyweight Championship by DQ when Cody Rhodes came down and hit the Beautiful Disaster on the Big Show. Rhodes and D-Bryan proceeded to attack Big Show until CM Punk ran down to make the save. Bryan took a GTS while Rhodes took the WMD right to the face. Punk and Show then posed in the ring and slapped fans hands at ringside to end the show.

Off-Air Notes. Commercials got tiring to the live crowd. Boos broke
out towards the end whenever a commercial appeared.

While Rockford is a Cena town, Punk stole the show tonight. Punk-Bryan brought the house down. Great Match to see live, and the ending was great as well.

- Wrestling News World reader Stephen sent in the following:

Daniel Bryan and Big Show faced off for the World Heavyweight Championship...Bryan kept escaping the ring to take a "break". Cody Rhodes came out to interfere and attacked Show. Soon after, CM Punk came out and hit the GTS on Bryan and Show hit the WMD on Rhodes.

Also, got a chance to talk with Brodus Clay in the parking lot following the show. He says he'll be back on TV in 2 weeks.

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