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What You Didn't See On This Week's WWE Raw - The Rock & CM Punk Face Off Again

After this week’s WWE Raw went off the air, CM Punk staggered back to the ring, yelled to cut The Rock's music, and got back into the ring. Punk told Rock that he had a lot more to say, and Rock interrupted him with a second Rock Bottom. Rock posed for fans while Punk writhed at ringside. Punk got a mic again and began speaking with a less confrontational tone, saying that he and Rock just got off on the wrong foot. Rock gave him credit for still standing after a TLC match and two Rock Bottoms. Punk walked back up to Rock and ate a third Rock Bottom and a People's Elbow. Punk went backstage and Rock addressed the crowd, saying that he specifically chose Tampa to return to, since it was "where he got his start." He thanked the crowd, slapped some fan's hands, and Justin Roberts thanked everyone for coming out.

Click here for full results from this week's Raw.

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