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Which Bella Twin Is More Boy Crazy?, Catfights Amongst WWE Divas, More

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The New York Post has a new feature article online on The Bella Twins. Below is an excerpt from the piece as well a video included:

Do you dress alike?
Nikki: We do and we don’t. We both appreciate all fashion. Brie will dress more towards a hippie, free-spirit style, whereas I like to dress more fitted and showy. When you’ve got curves — you need to show them and I love showing mine!

Who is more boy crazy?
Brie: Nikki! Nikki is single and ready to mingle! I’ve always found myself the more relationship type, the hopeless romantic. Nikki’s a romantic, but loves all the different boys. She loves adventures.

Do guys hit on you a lot? What are the worst pickup lines guys have tried?
They do, but we are twins. To some, we are hot women, to others, circus freaks. There have been some bad pickup lines: “You must be hurting from falling from heaven.” Eww! We hate cheesy pickups.

Have you taken a guy down?
Oh yes! A few. And not all were playful. Men at times don’t believe we’re tough. Challenging a Bella can be a mistake. Nikki once let a man know exactly how the figure-four leg-lock feels. I believe he’s still hurting.

Do women wrestlers get along, or is it one big girl fight?
At WWE we are a big family. We travel so much that we see our co-workers more then our own families. You build a strong trust and respect. Now that doesn’t mean there aren’t catfights — there definitely are, but we always make up.

Click here here to check out the piece in its entirety.

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