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For the last couple of months, WWE have been teasing us with the presence of a masked figure sitting in front of a bunch of computers, promising that "The Truth Will Be Heard". The identity of the Smackdown Hacker has had the entire wrestling community gripped, with a Twitter account recently popping up and posting cryptic videos revealing unusual locations, numbers and codes.

So far, The Hacker has only been a part of one major storyline, the fantastic Mandy Rose and Otis' relationship. The Hacker revealed the truth behind Dolph Ziggler and Sonya Deville plotting against the star-crossed lovers, and it was executed fo perfection. In recent weeks however, The Hacker seems to be targeting tag teams, with the emphasis on keeping your friends close, but your enemies closer.

So what the hell is going on? And who is this mysterious hooded vigilante? The Hacker angle has been the undoubted highlight on all WWE programming recently and it seems set that their identity will be revealed this Sunday at Money In The Bank.

Join me as I take a look at seven potential superstars who could believably go on to be revealed as this mysterious hacker.


Xavier Woods

It has felt like a lifetime since we last saw Woods in action due to injury, but could the former tag team champion look to be building up a huge return in the most unexpected of ways? For years now, fans have been talking up a potential split for The New Day. While the trio is evidently as fantastic together as ever, this is WWE we are talking about. The place where tag teams go to die. Their split appears to be an inevitable one and the hacker angle could be a huge opening for just that, and a new direction for Woods.

We have seen the hacker target tag teams massively during his vignettes, often reciting the old staging “some keep their friends close, others keep their enemies closer”. What closer unit is there than The New Day?

Personally I would book this as a betrayal on Big E's part. woods has been out injured for the longest time, so why not have it revealed that Big E took out Woods because he sees him as the weak link of the group? Woods reveals the truth and forces Kofi to choose between the two, but Kofi refuses and chooses neither. There you have it, no more New Day.


Mustafa Ali

It's going to be super boring and uninspiring if, and when, the hacker us revealed to be Ali. All signs point to it being him, from the voice recordings to the blue lights we've seen on the hackers screens. When it comes to conversation of the hackers identity, there can be no denying that Ali's name is one that has been thrown into the conversation the most often. .

There is no denying that Ali is an incredible talent who has been deserving of so much more than he receives, and this could be a huge opportunity for him to reinvent himself and work something amazing that turns things around for him in a big way. He may not be my personal favourite pick, but it would be great to see a different name thrown into the mix of a big angle and a new side of Ali’s character come to life.

For the next one, just hear me out.


CM Punk

Yes, I said it. He who shall not be named. I know that so many of us are just desperate to see CM Punk return to the ring and while it realistically seems that it will never happen, there is still plenty of reason to believe Punk could be behind the Hacker angle. If the former WWE Champion was to make a return, then this would most certainly be a very fitting set up and storyline to work.

Catering to his Voice Of The Voicelsss character perfectly, there are so many creative options for Punk relating to the hacker set up and could, in fact, go down an even deeper hole long term that sees him explore bigger secrets and revelations that result in one of the biggest and best comeback storylines we've ever seen.

Yes, this is a pretty far fetched choice and more of a dream scenario for a lot of fan, but considering the close relationship Punk has with FOX as well as clear bridges being built between him and the WWE maybe this isn’t as ridiculous as we think and something amazing could be set to take place.


Jeff Hardy

In all honesty, Jeff Hardy was my personal favourite to go on to be revealed as the hacker. Incredibly fitting to a whole other side of his character this appears to be exactly the kind of thing that he would be behind. We hadn't seen Jeff for a while due to injury but he is slated to be back in action once again on tonight's episode of Smackdown... very coincidental timing right?

The Hacker storyline could be exactly what fans have been waiting to see from Jeff since his WWE comeback. He hasn't done a thing of note since his fantastic feud with Randy Orton, and we know there are so many different elements to Jeff’s character. This would give Jeff the chance to show a darker, potentially heel side to his character which would be refreshing and potentislly create a new main event star if his body can hack it still. Long term the plan should be for Hardy for to work an angle with the Fiend. Reintroducing him as the hacker would be a great way to combat the mind games of Bray Wyatt.



Can we really not put it past WWE to not have R-Truth revealed as the Hacker with the superstars catchphrase being used throughout the angle? Of course, ‘the truth shall set you free’ is most likely just a fitting phrase for the storyline but we must remember there is a whole other side to R-Truth, especially going back to his WCW days, and the more I think about it the more I would love to see Truth as the WWE Hacker.

How great would it be for him to reveal that he was actually just playing us all with the silly, goofy act and hiding a darker side of his character all this time?

While playing the fool, Truth could have been watching everyone more carefully than we thought, taking everything in and spotting things nobody else did. Truth is one of the longest tenured superstars who deserves one final big angle before he hangs up his boots. He has always deserved more than he got and has performed way above what has been expected of him for many years. Outside of his 24/7 Championship hijinks, the last real things that he did of note were the Little Jimmy period and more recently his hilarious alliance with Carmella.

The Hacker angle is honestly one of my personal favourite things going on in WWE today. There is so much potential for this to be something fantastic and creates a very exciting and entertaining angle. There were, of course, other names that have been considered by fans to in fact be the hacker including Chad Gable but with so many potential names who could be behind this there are some amazing creative setups and we have to simply sit back and watch as the hacker storyline unfolds more. 


The Iiconics

Thinking a little outside the box here, the charismatic Aussie superstars have been off TV for far too long now and urgently need some sort of repackaging when they eventually return.

The Hackers attention on tag teams is certainly one thing to take into account, but more so the actual teams pictured in his vignettes. Current Womens Tag Team Champions Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross have been featured, as have Bayley and Sasha Banks. Why would a male hacker be so interested in splitting those teams up?

The Iiconics have interesting history with both of those teams - they defeated Sasha & Baykey to becomes champions themselves, before losing the belts in rather quick fashion to Alexa & Nikki. It makes all the sense in the world that they're seeking revenge and want to shake up the womens division once again.

Who do you think The Hacker is? Let us know in the comments!

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