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Who Fell Victim To The Sprinkler System Backstage At Smackdown?, The JBL Show Gets New Premiere Date

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We've been covering the problems at the WWE television tapings this past Tuesday night all week. The biggest problem happened backstage in one of the dressing rooms when the sprinkler system was triggered and chaos followed.

The incident happened after the company had finished filming WWE Main Event. Head Raw writer and on-air personality Dave Kapoor (a/k/a Ranjin Singh) was filming a backstage segment when a light triggered the sprinkler system. Once triggered, everyone was scrambling to save their electronics and keep the water contained to the one dressing room.

Triple H was in Gorilla running the show when he left to try and direct traffic around the commotion. Other than Kapoor being soaked, minimal personal property damage was suffered.

JBL recapped the entire scene on his Facebook page at this link. You can also view photos from the taping of the first ever JBL Show at this link. The show is scheduled to premiere on dot com on Friday as was pushed back.

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