On the last episode of Monday Night RAW, another hardworking superstar finally earned the prize! Apollo Crews defeated Andrade to capture the United States Championship, his first title in the WWE. On Tuesday, WWE announced that Crews will defend the title on the next RAW against an opponent of his choosing. 

Who should Apollo Crews defend the U.S. title against? I have a few guesses for possible opponents.

Humberto Carrillo 

Apollo could see Carrillo as a worthy contender. He's a young superstar who has shown a lot of heart and determination. 

Cedric Alexander 

The former Cruiserweight Champion has only been seen as of late tagging with Ricochet, but I can see Crews giving the high-flyer a shot. Alexander shows great character and amazing in-ring abilities. 

Kevin Owens 

Crews recently partnered with Owens, which led to his title match against Andrade. He may use this opportunity to pay KO back. The former three-time champion would jump at the chance for another title. 

I can also see Crews giving Rey Mysterio a chance as a last-ditch effort to keep him around. If Aleister Black did not already have a scheduled match with Seth Rollins, he would be on my list for sure. 

Apollo Crews worked hard for his first title and as a fighting champion, I know he will bring integrity to the United States Championship. This title opportunity that he's offering shows that clearly! 

So, who will Apollo choose for his first title defense? Tune in to RAW tomorrow night to find out!

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