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Last Friday, the 2020 WWE Superstar Draft started on SmackDown and between Friday and Saturday, 25 selections have been made with 15 superstars heading to Raw. It concludes tonight on Monday Night Raw, and so I am going to look at the current draft picks, the superstar pool for tonight, and determine who Raw should draft tonight.

For reference, NXT wasn’t involved this year and the Superstar pool for tonight is as follows:



Aleister Black

Alexa Bliss

Daniel Bryan


King Corbin

Apollo Crews

Nikki Cross


Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Erik (of The Viking Raiders)

Lacey Evans

Charlotte Flair

Jeff Hardy

Billie Kay


Keith Lee

Riddick Moss


Titus O’Neil

Randy Orton

Kevin Owens



Matt Riddle

The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott & Liv Morgan)

Peyton Royce

Arturo Ruas


Shinsuke Nakamura & Cesaro

The Street Profits (Angelo Dawkins & Montez Ford)

Braun Strowman


Akira Tozawa

Zelina Vega

Bray Wyatt

Sami Zayn

To recap Raw has drafted: WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, Raw Women’s Champion Asuka, all of the members of The Hurt Business, AJ Styles, Naomi, Womens Tag Team Champions Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax, Ricochet, Mandy Rose, The Miz & Morrison, New SmackDown Tag Team Champions Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston (No Big E), Dana Brooke, Angel Garza, Humberto Carillo, Tucker (no Otis), and Drew Gulak. 

Tag Teams

From that recap you can see that Raw has looked to bolster its tag team division. With the arrival of Miz and Morrison and the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, new life should be injected into the smoldering division. Unfortunately, this probably means the Street Profits are heading to Smackdown. I hope that Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode stay on Raw and that Shinsuke and Cesaro stay on Smackdown because WWE is currently just moving storylines to different shows, but they need to focus on creating new ones.

As far as teams lost, Rollins and Murphy were separately drafted to Smackdown, and Rey and Dominik Mysterio were drafted to SmackDown together. These teams weren’t necessarily in the title picture, but they were tag teams nonetheless. I’m also intrigued by the decision to split up Heavy Machinery. I know they weren’t doing much, but I don’t know that Tucker can be a stand-alone act and be successful.

Raw has drafted the Women’s Tag Champs, but there aren’t any other currently formed women’s tag teams other than the Riott Squad. Maybe Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke continue teaming, but they were drafted to Raw separately.

For tonight though, there aren’t any other structured tag teams available than the ones I previously mentioned so maybe WWE will actually listen to a fans suggestion and make some odd couple arranged tag teams for a tag team tournament.

Women’s Division

So far the only new addition to the Monday Night Raw women’s division is Naomi which I am super pumped about. I hope that they send her to the moon and that she and Asuka can have some really entertaining bouts. On the flip side, Bianca Belair is going to SmackDown and Sasha Banks is officially a SmackDown superstar. Because of this, Bayley will probably get drafted to SmackDown to further that feud. Carmella is probably going to stay on SmackDown from the recent promos that she did, but then again Bianca Belair was having EST promos airing on Raw and got drafted so we will see what happens there.

For me, I’d like to see Raw draft Charlotte Flair (if she is eligible with injury), Zelina Vega, Peyton Royce, and Alexa Bliss and/or Nikki Cross. There is rumor that Bray Wyatt/The Fiend may be heading to Raw and so I’d love if Alexa Bliss went wherever he did to further that super interesting story. I think Nikki Cross has a lot of potential, but has fought Bayley too many times. I also think Lacey Evans could do with a journey back to the red brand. 

Men’s Division

Avoiding some chaos, it was good to see that Drew McIntyre is staying on the brand, but losing Seth Rollins to become the Friday Night Messiah (?) hurts the big stars of the brand. As I mentioned in the last section, hopefully the rumors are true and Bray Wyatt will come to Raw because I think the mind games he would play with McIntyre could be epic.

Give me Keith Lee, Andrade, and Aleister Black to stay on Raw. I hope that Raw drafts Matt Riddle, Sheamus, and Sami Zayn to further flush out the mid-card and all of them have potential to work well in a tag team or challenge McIntyre in the future. Randy Orton is a big draft item as he has been terrorizing the Raw locker room for months now. That being said, I think they missed the timing on putting the belt on him so I kind of want him to head to SmackDown to start running through their roster and wreaking the same destruction that he did on Raw.

As far as other superstars, give me Bray or Braun, don’t give me both. I think that King Corbin, Chad Gable, and Daniel Bryan could all work with new storylines and bring new life to this roster.  

Raw Underground

We haven’t had Raw Underground in a few weeks, presumably due to the recent Covid outbreak, but it should be returning soon if they haven’t scrapped the idea. Before the hiatus, we did see SmackDown superstar Braun Strowman pop up and compete, so we still have the lingering question about what the rules about that are. I do think they need to draft some people to solely perform in the Underground. Dabba Kato on this list is an obvious choice because we haven’t seen him in a ring with turnbuckles yet. I’d like to see Matt Riddle in Raw Underground as well as King Corbin believe it or not. I think that at least 1 of Raw’s draft picks tonight is made with Raw Underground in mind.

Who do you think Raw should draft tonight with its remaining picks? Who do you hope turns up as a free agent? Tune in to Monday Night Raw tonight to see what happens!

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