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As the leaves begin to change and the air starts to get colder, I look out my window, hold my cup of coffee close to me, and whisper, "It's almost time for WarGames!" to myself, with a smile. Although I would often list the Royal Rumble as my favorite WWE event, NXT's annual WarGames event has quickly become what I look forward to most for the black and gold brand every year. The WarGames match showcases the brutality and skill of the NXT roster, unlike any other stipulation, and I'm sure I am not the only one who looks forward to this TakeOver each year. 

Sure, it might be a bit early to start picking the teams, and we don't even know if WarGames will be happening this year, but I'm already excited, so I'm gonna do a two-week series of these. This week I will be explaining my picks for the men's WarGames teams, and next week I will be making my picks for the women's teams. So let's go ahead and jump right in and look at my picks for the men's teams at WarGames 2020! 

The first question I had to ask myself was, how many teams did I want to compete in this WarGames match? Out of the three years that NXT has run the event, two of them have featured two teams of four, while the inaugural event had three teams of three. For the list, I put together three teams of four, no repeating members are assuming that all three teams could face each other in a twelve-man WarGames match, but any combination of two teams could also work. 

Team One: Legado Del Fantasma

Legado Del Fantasma

This one seems like a clear no-brainer to me. Back in May, Santos Escobar, Raul Mendoza, and Joquin Wilde established themselves as the future of not only the WWE Cruiserweight division but also Lucha Libre. I was hooked. The packaging for these guys, along with their ability to tell stories in the ring, is fantastic. If NXT is looking for a reason to let these guys run wild, there is no better excuse than WarGames. 

We have already seen Wilde, Mendoza, and Escobar in a fantastic street fight against Breezango and Isiah "Swerve" Scott. Although Legado Del Fantasma did not come out on top, that has not stopped their momentum. I predict that if you put these guys in a WarGames setting, we would see some fantastic work out of them. 

The biggest issue for Legado Del Fantasma is that currently, they are a three-piece group and would need to add a fourth member to their ranks for WarGames. But don't worry, I have two potential partners that I think could fit right in with the faction. 

The first and most likely to happen is The Velveteen Dream. The dream is a good go-to heel for NXT, and his work in the backlot brawl with Adam Cole shows that he can hold his own in a no DQ situation. In addition to this, Dream likes to model his TakeOver ring gear after wrestlers that inspire him, and I'm sure he could bring out a Lucha libre inspired outfit worthy of Legado Del Fantasma. 

The second choice is more exciting but likely won't happen, and that is the surprise appearance of a now heel aligned Dominik Mysterio. Dominik has seemingly passed up an NXT run and has been working on Raw since his in-ring debut, and while that spot seems to be working well for him, he already has a built-in story that would make him fit right in with Escobar and company. I would love to see Dominik get tired of defending his father's legacy and realize that it is time for him to start his own. I want this to happen so badly, even though I know it won't. 

Team Two: Team-zango


Every WarGames needs a face team, and I think the perfect co-leaders for the team would be the current NXT Tag-Team Champions, Breezango. The team has been feuding with Legado Del Fantasma and could also easily face off with the final team on my list. Breezango are incredible athletes who have shown that they can hold their own in an extreme match like the street fight they had with Legado Del Fantasma a few weeks back. The champs have also been showing off their new no-nonsense in the ring attitude, and while it took some time to get used to, I think it is an overall good thing. 

Of course, Tyle Breeze and Fandango are only two people, and they would need two more competitors to round out their team. So who should join up with Breezango to take on their opponents? 

The first answer is a pretty easy choice, and that is Isiah "Swerve" Scott. Scott and Breezango have teamed up on several occasions to take on Legado Del Fantasma, and unless Scott does a massive turn, I don't see them ending their friendship. Scott is a natural choice, especially after the NXT universe saw what they could do together in the street fight against Escobar and co. Scott is clearly the future of the NXT brand and bringing him in on one of the biggest events of the year is such a clear choice. 

For the final member of "team-zango," I think we need to add a heavyweight to the mix. In the history of NXT WarGames, there has always been at least one heavyweight element that has added to the excitement, whether it was Killian Dain in 2017, The War Raiders in 2018, or Keith Lee in 2019, so I think team-zango needs a colossal upgrade. Bronson Reed needs to join up with the babyface team to wreck everyone else in the match seriously. This guy's rise to the top has been one of the most interesting pushes of 2020, and I do not see why Triple H and the NXT creative team would pass up on this opportunity. Bronson Reed should be in WarGames even if he isn't a part of this exact team. 

Team Three: The Undisputed Era

undisputed-era WNW 3

Dusty Rhodes originally designed warGames for the NWA as the signature match type of The Four Horsemen. If the NWA/WCW WarGames was synonymous with The Horsemen, NXT's WarGames are synonymous with The Undisputed Era. Sure, as of writing this, it seems like the Undisputed Era might be on the verge of a rift, but let's watch them blow up in style. Have the grand finale of the UE in the match type that they helped to revive. Even in the event that NXT pumps the breaks on a breakup and keeps Cole, Fish, O'Reilly, and Strong together, they still need to be a part of this year's match. 

The Undisputed Era is currently after Breezango's tag titles. There is enough time that if they wanted the match up to be between Legado Del Fantasma and The Undisputed Era, we could see that story come together. 

Sometimes you just gotta stick with what works, and The Undisputed Era and NXT TakeOver: WarGames just works. 

What do you think? What teams would you like to see in WarGames? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer

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