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Who Should Dethrone Kenny Omega?

We are nearly two months into Kenny Omega's reign as AEW World Champion and boy. It has been quite an eventful two months. Kenny's partnership with Don Callis has ushered in a partnership between AEW and Impact Wrestling that has everyone in wrestling talking. Omega's bonafides in wrestling cannot be overstated, and he is a fantastic person to have as the face of AEW going into 2021. But the thing about being the champ is that there is always a target on your back and eventually, someone will come and take the title away from you. While at the moment it may not seem like AEW has a worthy successor to Kenny's title, eventually, someone will climb to the top of the mountain and take out the cleaner. So, who will dethrone Kenny Omega? Here are a few of my picks for who should do it. 

Jon Moxley


The former AEW World Champion has unfinished business with the man that took the title from him. Mox's run with the title in 2020 was fantastic, and his title defenses always carried a big fight feel, and it just doesn't feel right to see him move away from the AEW title scene quite yet. 

Mox was also cheated out of the title by Omega and Callis, and it makes sense for justice to be served by the man most affected by their trickery. 

Tony Khan has stated himself that he believes Omega and Mox to be the two best wrestlers in the world right now, and that is the kind of confidence from the top that could point to Mox being the perfect person to put Kenny in his place. 



I am resisting the urge here to pack this list with babyfaces and instead focus on a heel that I think could push Kenny off of his throne. Whether you are watching his current work in AEW, his past matches in the WWE, or his even earlier work in various independent promotions, Pac has always left audiences on the edge of their seats with his high-flying style and legitimately intimidating presence. It is that presence that I think could also make fans genuinely believe it if Pac was the first to ever kick out of the one winged angel, which would be a huge moment even if Kenny retained his title after. 

From a business standpoint, putting the title on the bastard would go over super well with fans who would see AEW as having seen the potential that was sorely misused by WWE. Pac is currently in a feud with Eddie Kingston and his pose, but I think that kind of feud can build him up to the point that he feels like a natural challenger for the title. 

Scorpio Sky


This right here is the classic underdog story that wrestling bookers love to tell. Scorpio Sky would need to take most of the year to build to the point that he seems like a legitimate threat to Kenny's title reign, but that is ok. Considering how much room Sky needs to grow, it might even make sense to have him capture the TNT title on the way to Kenny. Why not go ahead and make him AEW's first-ever double champion. 

Scorpio Sky is an incredibly talented worker and honestly deserves more opportunities than he is currently being given in AEW, but that doesn't mean he couldn't get to the proverbial mountain top. 

Chris Jericho


Chris Jericho was the first AEW World Champion, and his presence on the AEW roster has helped to legitimize the relatively new promotion. For many casual fans and non-fans, Chris Jericho is the face of AEW, and that makes sense. So, who better than one of the biggest names in wrestling to take the title back from Kenny Omega and ultimately save AEW from Kenny and Callis. 

Not to mention that Jericho has just under a year left in his contract, and another title run might be the right incentive to get him to extend his contract. Jericho has fewer days in the ring in front of him than he does behind him, and a final title run would be a great way to cap off the career of one of the greats. 

"Hangman" Adam Page

Hangman page

The natural successor to Kenny's title is his former tag-team partner. Back at Full Gear, Omega and Page had a fantastic match to decide who was the number one contender for what was then Moxley's title. At the time, it didn't seem like Page was ready to defeat his friend. It has set him on a journey of self-discovery that needs to end with him defeating Kenny Omega for the AEW World Championship. 

Adam Page has the chops to be the face of AEW, and the storytelling that can happen along the way will just make his eventual win even more satisfying. While I think any of the men on this list are fantastic choices to dethrone the Cleaner, I think Page is the only right answer. 

Who do you think will take the title off of Kenny Omega? Maybe someone from Impact? Let me know by tweeting at me @robbydeshazer!  

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