Why Bret Hart's Comments Regarding Triple H Aren't Shocking


Bret Hart recently opened up here and here with his thoughts on Triple H. Some have labeled the comments shocking. Below is how Bret Hart ended his 2007 "Hitman" autobiography:

Shawn Michaels found religion and settled down with an ex-Nitro girl. Over time he seems to have convinced himself that it was me who screwed him over at Survivor Series. To me, Shawn will always be a phony, a liar and a hairless yellow dog. The difference between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels is that I'd have never done to him, or to any of the boys, what he did to me.

Hunter dumped Chyna, became famous as Triple H, married Vince's only daughter, Stephanie, and is poised to become the master and ruler of the wrestling world.

More wrestlers have died: Road Warrior, Hawk, The Wall, Bossman, Herc, Eddie Guerrero, Earthquake, Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow, Ernie Ladd, Bad News, Sheri Martel, Chris Benoit, Brian "Crush" Adams - and more will die. When I got into the business, wrestling was all about trust and respect, and doing the honors meant something. I'll never forgive Shawn, or Hunter, for killing the business that so many of us gave our lives for. Although pro wrestling will never truly die, but always morph into something else, the business that I knew and loved and gave all I had is dead and gone forever.

I escaped with my head up and my conscience clear.

This is why I believe what happened on WWE Raw on January 4, 2010, when Bret returned to WWE and hugged Shawn Micheals was proof that truly "anything can happen" in this business.

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