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Why Drew McIntyre Isn't On Tour, Big WWE Studios News, Where Are They Now?

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Drew McIntyre

Why Drew McIntyre Isn't on Tour

Drew McIntyre wrote the following on Twitter:

Big WWE Studios News

WWE Studios is teasing "big news." Check out WWE's official films division on Facebook at this link.

Where Are They Now? Rico & Mideon

From the "where are they now?" file, the Las Vegas Review-Journal has an article on former WWE star Rico. In it, the publication reports he has regained his job as a Taxicab Authority law enforcement officer. Rico was reportedly fired after video surfaced of his engaged in a wrestling match while he was on light duty for a non-work related injury has won his job back. You can check out the article in its entirety at this link.

Dot com has a "where are they now?" piece on Mideon. The former WWE star now operates his own catering company. You can read their piece at this link.

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