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If you have watched any of Karrion Kross since his debut in NXT you should know by now that he is the future of NXT. Even if you did not know anything about Kross before his NXT debut after the entrance and his performance you had to be sold on him. The entrance presentation of Kross and Scarlett is the best since the debut entrance of Kane. 

The way Kross has been booked since his debut shows that Triple H is backing him up all the way. You can see that the fuel is being poured into his rocket that is about to take off. When Triple H is backing you there is no limit to the popularity you can reach. Just look at Adam Cole for an example. Ever since Adam Coles debut, the rocket was strapped to him and because of that, he became arguably the greatest NXT champion of all time. There is no limit on the success Kross can have in NXT and the main roster. 


If Triple H and the NXT writers are smart they will give Kross the Adam Cole treatment. Kross can lead NXT and get the fans behind him just like Cole did. If I had the pen I would let Kross beat Adam Cole's title reign of 403 days. I think Kross could be the face of NXT and keep the championship this long with no interest being lost in his character or his skills in the ring. This guy has all the cards stacked in his favor. He has an undeniable wrestling ability, a breathtaking entrance, and a smoke show manager. 

I can only imagine the classic matchups that will be made in the future with Kross as the champ in NXT. Fortunately, we won't have to wait till he becomes champ to see a classic matchup. One is coming tonight when Kross faces off against The Rare Breed Dominik Dijakovic. 

I love the idea of this match. Kross going in and taking out Dijakovic will make a huge impact and will lead him one step closer to facing Keith Lee for the NXT championship. 

I think it is a smart decision to put the NXT championship on Kross as soon as possible. I am a huge fan of Keith Lee but I think Kross would draw more viewers and I think Keith Lee is ready for the main roster already. If Kross and Lee end up having a championship match at the next NXT Takeover the clear answer is having Kross win the championship. I would have Kross have a winning streak like Asuka. The only thing I would change is to have him lose the winning streak and drop the title to the next big star in NXT instead of going to the main roster and losing to R-Truth in his third match on the main roster. 


I think also that Scarlett is a huge part of the Karrion Kross character and she should be apart of his character as long as possible. I think Scarlett would be a great addition to the already thriving NXT women's division. For now, I would keep her with Kross only but if the time comes for her to also wrestle I do not think it would hurt for her to wrestle and also be a manager for Kross.  

If the cards are played right Karrion Kross could be the next big thing for the WWE just like Brock Lesnar was back in 2002. This guy has unlimited potential and he can not only be the future of NXT but also the future of the whole WWE. 

If you have any opinions on Karrion Kross and his future in NXT tweet them to me @CEODROD on Twitter. 

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