Why Mick Foley Dropped The Elbow On Chris Jericho, Billy Graham Released From The Hospital

Mick Foley Drops Elbow

Why Mick Foley Dropped the Elbow

Mick Foley delivered an elbow drop on Chris Jericho at the 2013 WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony this year in New York City because he promised his family he would the year prior. According to Foley at one of his comedy shows in Manchester, England, he told his family in the parking lot at the ceremony last year, if he was inducted this year, he would drop an elbow on Jericho. Foley held true to his word.

Graham Released from the Hospital

"Superstar" Billy Graham has been released from the hospital and is headed back to Phoenix, Arizona. Graham posted the following on his Facebook page:

"I want to thank all of mine Facebook fans for their thoughts and prayers for my recovery. I am working my way back to Phoenix where I will immediately report to the Mayo Clinic Hospital for follow up with my liver transplant team. By God’s grace I shall continue to overcome. As always thank you my Facebook fans...no looking back! Superstar"

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