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Maxwell Jacob Friedman aka MJF, from Long Island, NY is arguably the most polarising talent on the AEW roster. The ultimate wrestling heel who much like Triple H in the year 2000 people will pay to go see him get his ass kicked, the heel you just love to hate.

In this writers opinion AEW runs a smoother & more fascinating product with a good heel as it’s World Champion, it was exponentially a better show with “Le’ Champion” Chris Jericho as Champion with the baby face chasing him which is why at All Out on Sept 5, 2020 AEW MUST pull the trigger on MJF & crown him the AEW Champion, all at the ripe old age of just barely 24 years old.

He has it all right now & the scary part of It all is that he is only going to get better, not just in the ring but on the stick too (hard to believe that’s possible but here we are). AEW only has him wrestle sparingly on Dynamite which gives him an aura so that when he does wrestle he feels special, you feel like your witnessing something unique.

Dynamite has had 34 shows since it’s debut on Oct 10, 2019 & MJF has wrestled 5 singles matches, 2 battle royals & 2 six man tag team matches during that time but MJF’s slow ascent to greatness began on the “Buy In” at Double or Nothing 2019 in Las Vegas, You know the match where EVERYONE thought we are witnessing the birth of the Hangman Page Era? Page won the match at Double or Nothing 2019 then battled Jericho at All Out 2019 for the AEW Championship, however it was the 2 place finish & the equally impressive promo later that night he cut on Bret “The Hitman” Hart that made people stand & acknowledge that AEW had someone special on the books, keep in mind MJF was only barely 23 on this night.

As Cody’s right hand man in the Nightmare Family we all knew the heel turn was coming & while initially I thought they could have got a little more milage out of it the fact that he knew Cody was a huge hurdle in his ascension to the top made the heel turn more savage, more evil. He threw in the towel on his “Best Friend” then followed it up with a shot south of the border thus condemning Cody to a future of irrelevance as far as the top Championship in AEW was concerned.

Slowly & methodically amassing a very very good record & resume with his most notable wins coming against Hangman Page (Seabiscuit as MJF refers to him), Joey Janela, Jungle Boy twice & the big one against Cody at Revolution thus taking his record to 11-1 Overall, 6-0 in 2020 & finally achieving the Number 1 ranked spot on the official ranking as at May 27, 2020.

All Out is becoming the signature AEW event, it’s there Wrestlemania & it deserves the biggest main event they can book. Jon Moxley is the AEW Champion, IWGP US Heavyweight Champion (a championship he does not carry on AEW television), he is also undefeated in singles competition. MJF is the Dynamite Diamond Ring holder, owns high profile victories over Hangman Page as well as Cody (both former AEW championship challengers), is the Number 1 ranked person on the official rankings & is also undefeated in singles competition.

If AEW truly wants to be the alternative to the corporate machine they claim to despise then they MUST have the stones to go all in (pardon the pun) on MJF & go again with a sustained period with a heel world champion especially a brash, cocky & arrogant New Yorker with a 6’2 266 pound insurance policy named Wardlow.

If we think MJF is a cocky, brash,arrogant person now, imagine how much worse he is going to be with Platinum around his waist, the heat will be off the charts. After All Out on Sept 5 we are going to be hearing a lot of talking from the mouth of the polarising & borderline unbearable at times MJF because:

“He’s better than you & you know it”

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