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Why This WrestleMania Is The Most Important Of This Generation

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WrestleMania as we know it will not happen this year. Let that sink in for just a second, there won't be a Hall Of Fame, an attendance number that maybe questionable, or a grand stage with amazing entrances. So if that is what you are hoping for this coming week at WrestleMania then you are setting yourself up for failure. So I'm going to give you a moment to process that and move forward that this will be a different WrestleMania.

Now just because something is different doesn't make it bad, it's different. This WrestleMania does have all the in ring parts and characters pieces that we want in a great WrestleMania. Plenty of new Superstars making their WrestleMania debut, plenty of Superstars who haven't had a major opportunity getting major title matches, and outside the box filming and formatting to make this work. Every year we ask for something new, something fresh and something different, this WrestleMania as a whole meets all those requirements. 

If you are someone who wants pure wrestling matches, it doesn't get much better than the potential classic Sami Zayn and Daniel Bryan can put on. If you are looking for two larger than life Superstars clashing in ring, Drew McIntyre and Brock Lesnar check that box. How about a match that is new, fresh and outside he box, A.J. Styles and The Undertaker as well as John Cena and The Fiend check those boxes. How about a feud that is bigger than a title, something that is based on hatred and emotionally driven, does it get better than Randy Orton and Edge? 

Then there are the Street Profits, Shayna Baszler, Rhea Ripley, Angel Garza and Otis all getting their first taste at WrestleMania in matches that matter. Not to mention that the biggest critique of WrestleMania over the years has been the length of the show. Fans having to sit and watch Wrestling for almost seven hours is draining and takes away from the show. So this year, the show is "too big for one night" finally. The show has been too big for one night for years however now they are forced to make a change, a positive one. 

This year we get the opportunity to enjoy WrestleMania on both Saturday and Sunday, with two main events and plenty of time for each match. This is something that I have asked for, for years and now am finally receiving. I'm excited for this year's WrestleMania because we are receiving something different and something in a time of crisis. However there is a way WWE can make this the most important show to date. 

Without a crowd, large stadium or glitz and glamour the WWE will have to rely on their in ring work, story telling and creative production to make this WrestleMania good, however the question is how could this be the most important?

This show will be available on WWE Network, Fox Sports App, and Fite TV it could possibly be the most watched WrestleMania of all time. This show is happening at a time where the entire world is in panic and grasping for the norm. WrestleMania will also be a two night event this year. All of a sudden the WWE has to make changes and has to react to things they can't control. Usually speaking WWE delivers it's absolute best when this happens.

The WWE have created new partnerships, found ways to build their massive show outside the box, will deliver new kinds of matches, the show will have a completely different format and maybe seen by more people than ever before. If WWE can pull off a show that is considered to be good to fans, creates positive reviews with new partners and takes peoples minds off what's going on with the Coronvirus, then they will have delivered it's most important show yet. 

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