Will Goldberg Or Lesnar Be On Raw? Updated Preview And Fallout

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Tonight’s episode of WWE Monday Night Raw will feature fallout from last night’s Survivor Series pay-per-view. The main item that everyone is wanting to know about is the aftermath to Goldberg squashing Brock Lesnar in under two minutes. It’s a topic that WWE.com addressed in their Raw preview with the following:

Goldberg’s Mega Match with Brock Lesnar may have been straight out of the WWE Universe’s collective fantasy, but how many people, even in their wildest dreams, saw Goldberg actually pulling it off? And how many among that group saw him pulling it off in under two minutes? The former World Heavyweight Champion has now cemented his status as The One Who Beat the One in 23-1, as well as the only man apart from John Cena to beat Lesnar twice in pay-per-view singles matches. But if he stays true to his word, the bout with The Beast Incarnate was “last” on his to-do list. Will Goldberg deliver an official farewell on Raw?

Brock Lesnar has reportedly already left Toronto and is already on his way home. His next booked date is December 3, 2016, where he’ll face Rusev. Dave Meltzer reported on his website, F4WOnline.com, that Goldberg was expected to appear. Regardless, WWE will hope for a big viewership bump from fans looking for answers. Other points of interest for tonight’s Raw include the following:

* Can Sheamus and Cesaro overcome the suddenly-vulnerable champions?
* Were Bayley's efforts enough to merit a title shot?
* Will The List lead to the end of Jeri-KO?
* Will Seth Rollins get what's coming to him from Stephanie McMahon?

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