Will Mick Foley Continue To Watch Raw?

Mick Foley

Mick Foley isn’t finished with WWE! He tweeted after this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw they gave him a reason to keep watching and pointed to the Divas. The following is from his verified Twitter account:

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">December 1, 2015

">@WWE. https://t.co/bSE8YsaXcl

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley)

Yeah - I think it was a good night for #WomensWrestling in @WWE. https://t.co/bSE8YsaXcl

— Mick Foley (@RealMickFoley) December 1, 2015

">December 1, 2015

Foley threatened to quit watching over WWE’s recent creative rut.

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