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William Regal & Wade Barrett Asked If It's Harder For Englishman To Get Big Chances In WWE

Digital Spy has a fun Q&A online with William Regal and Wade Barrett. Below is an excerpt:

Is it harder to get the big chances and big title bouts as an Englishman?

William: "I don't think it's any harder than for anyone else once you get yourself over there. Getting over there is the hard thing. If you've got the talent it'll shine through. I went over there when there was no-one there. It was difficult. But I think it helps if anything, just to be English, just to be a bit different. It definitely helped me. I was the only English character at the time. Obviously there was the Bulldog, but he was his own entity - he was a completely different thing away from what I was doing. It gave me a bit of a boost really."

Wade: "I think increasingly WWE is a global company - as much as they can they want to push out into new markets like Europe. I think it's definitely been a help in a sense that I'm English. But again it's ultimately down to talent. Being English helped me get a foot in the door, but ultimately it's down to my talent and hard work in trying to get to that top level."

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