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William Regal Wants A Shot At Daniel Bryan's World Heavyweight Championship

William Regal, who trained Daniel Bryan, is now lobbying for a chance to be the first English World Champion in WWE. Some tweets he posted from his Twitter account are compiled below:

I still want to be the first English World Champion.I would like @WWEDanielBryan to grant me a title shot. @WWE pay attention.

It seems as though a lot of people think the same.One thing though,I don't deserve a title shot,but I want one.

And for the divs who feel the need to bring up my past problems,I am what I am and don't regret anything.It's what makes me me.

I can also entertain like no one else.And I make all my own dresses.

Some people think I'm not up to it.People have been counting me out for years but I can still Wrestle as good as ANYONE in the world.

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