Winnipeg Sun Erroneously Advertises Chris Jericho For WWE Return (Updated)

The Winnipeg Sun is reporting that Chris Jericho is "bringing the WWE to Winnipeg." The company has announced a live event scheduled for March 7, 2014 from the MTS Centre in Manitoba.

Jericho does not currently have a WWE contract but that could obviously change as we get into Wrestlemania XXX season. He is not, as of this writing, included on the official list of advertised talent. However, given how the company spoiled Batista's return with advanced promotional material, it's feasible it could happen again.

6:32 PM EST January 13, 2014 Update: A WWE spokesman told me the newspaper made an error and there is nothing to Chris Jericho being advertised of this writing. It's part of this particular person's job [in WWE] to make sure that information in regards to the company is correct and I trust their word. End update.

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